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Don't force commitment just because you think that it's what you should do because you've been together for a while.
Don't force commitment just because it's what everyone else around you is doing and you don't want to feel left out.
Don't let any outside forces, such as your parents or your friends, pressure you into moving the relationship forward.
If you want him to ask you to be his girlfriend, you have to be ready for a committed relationship.
If you want him to ask you to move in with him, or to look for a place with him, you should want to do it because you want your relationship to be stronger. If you want him to ask you to marry him, make sure that you're ready to spend the rest of your life with him, that he makes you happier than anyone in the world, and that you can't imagine a life without him.
If he's ready for commitment, he will tell you how amazing you are, how much he appreciates you, and how much joy you have brought to his life. If he's comfortable talking about your future together, from where you'll live to what your kids will look like, then it's a sign he's serious.
If you want him to ask you to marry him, then he should be comfortable with who he is, be proud of what he does, and should feel generally secure before he can be truly secure about your future together. When you're telling him how much he means to you, mention that you're ready for the next step. If you have friends who have made that step, mention how happy they are without comparing your relationship to theirs. Make a list of ways that you can improve your best qualities, whether it's to show you're more independent by cutting back on how often you see him, or by being more relaxed by not planning every little thing. Key to his heartKey to his heartIt's hard enough getting a man to commit to a time to meet up tomorrow night, let alone get married. Whether you want to make a man your official boyfriend, your fiance, or to move in with him, there a few things you need to do before you can get your man to commit.
Before you can execute your plan to make your man commit, you have to be certain that you're doing it for the right reasons.

Just because your ten best friends are getting married or moving in with their significant others, it doesn't mean that you should follow suit unless it's something you really want.
Make sure that you don't want him to commit just for the title, but because you want to take your relationship to the next level. Don't do it if you'll just look at him as your roommate and want to save rent, or your relationship is doomed to fail. Once you know you're serious about moving the relationship forward, it's important to be sure that your honey is on the same page. If you spend most of your time together having fun, doing the things you love, and having open and honest communication, then your relationship will can be healthy in the future as well. Without being too obvious or pushy about it, you should let your man know that you want to take things to the next level. If you want him to commit to you, you need to show him that you're a person he would want to take to the next stage of his life.
Though you want to grow closer to him, you should maintain your own passions, friendships, and goals so he doesn't think that you're clingy and be afraid that you only want to spend all of your time with him. Once you know you're both ready for the next step and he's not budging, it's time to have honest and open communication about the next step. Take the time to sit down with your man and talk about your thoughts about moving the relationship forward. You should be clear that you're having an important conversation, but don't put your man on the defensive. If you've tried everything and your man refuses to make the commitment, then don't be disappointed.
If you've been trying to get him to ask you to marry him for many years and it won't work, then you should accept that maybe he's not the marrying type, and that you have different goals when it comes to the relationship. But you should know the difference between waiting for him to come around when he's going through a rough patch and making constant excuses for his commitment phobia. Many women are so excited about having a boyfriend or getting married that they think more about taking the next step than who they'll be taking that step with.

If he's doing it because he knows he'll lose you if he doesn't, but he isn't really ready, then your relationship is likely to fail. If you're absolutely ready but he's not even thinking of commitment, then you will run into a lot of trouble. However, if you're always fighting and unhappy with one another, then you should work out your relationship issues before you can move forward. Without a crystal ball, he won't know how you're really feeling unless you tell him or show him. Your man needs to know that you can have a constructive conversation, know when to back down, and be comfortable with not always getting your way.
Give him time to understand how important the commitment is, and to find the place and way to ask you to make the commitment. If you don't, you may be waiting around for something that won't happen and will get more hurt as time goes on. Not everything in life goes as planned, and you should know that you gave it your all and feel good about how hard you've worked on the relationship. If marriage is really what you want and you're sure he won't commit to you, then it's time to move on. Make sure that you're not having the conversation during an incredibly busy or stressful week in your man's life, or he won't be nearly as receptive as you will want.
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