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Here’s the ironic part though, despite everything she did to wrong you, you are still in love with her. The truth is that if you have been cheated on you are the wronged party and that automatically puts me in your corner.
Alright, I am a pretty traditional kind of guy so we are going to use my definition on physical cheating since I feel it is the strictest.
In order to understand emotional cheating in the context I am trying to put it in you need to have some knowledge about the differences between men and women.
Emotional cheating usually occurs when a woman doesn’t feel that her emotional needs are being met by you.
I think role playing works best for stuff like this so lets use you and your ex girlfriend as an example here.
Lets pretend that the two of you are dating again but you aren’t meeting her emotional needs so she begins to look elsewhere to have them met. In other words, if your girlfriend is emotionally cheating on you with someone else then the physical aspect of cheating is right around the corner. So, when their wives or girlfriends aren’t fulfilling their needs sexually they may look elsewhere. Now that we have that basic understanding under our belts we can start talking about your specific situation. First, it is going to give you insight into what she was thinking when she decided to cheat on you. Second, it is going to highlight what you could have done differently in the relationship to potentially have stopped her from cheating on you. That’s when our good friend Bob comes into the picture and we all know how that ends. You have taken her for granted and as a result you don’t dress up nicely for her anymore.
I went through all the comments on my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, specifically on those pages relating to women cheating and determined the top reasons for cheating. If you cheated on your girlfriend first then it’s only human nature for her to make you want to feel the pain she is feeling.
In other words, it may be highly likely that she is going to go out and cheat on you just to get back at you. The most horrifying thing about these women is that no matter how perfect you are in the relationship they will still cheat on you. This is a case where I would say that you shouldn’t try to get your ex girlfriend back because she is a high risk to cheat on you again.
Now, I understand that you want your ex girlfriend back but there are a few things that you are going to have to consider before we can even talk about that. Ok, what I am about to recommend here may be a little extreme but I think it needs to happen in order for the relationship with your ex girlfriend to be successful. If you get back together with your ex girlfriend and the person she cheated with is still in her life then the chances of your relationship with your ex girlfriend working out isn’t very good. Again, your well being is my only priority right now and I can tell you that you aren’t going to be able to forgive her for cheating on you if she still has this Bob in her life.
The reason this rule is so important is that it is going to help you in the moving on process.
If she doesn’t agree to this rule then I am sorry to tell you but she is not even worth your time anymore. Well, just because your ex cheated on you doesn’t necessarily mean that getting her back is going to be an easy task.
Your ex girlfriend cheated on you and unless you are some sort of robot you are probably still very angry about that fact. For the sake of argument lets say that I was able to get this ex girlfriend back who had cheated on me.
They weigh their options very carefully before they wade back into a situation where they could potentially get hurt emotionally. This is why I have a strict rule that your ex has to end everything with the person she cheated with.
I think the only way that you can overcome this resistance is if you convince her that things could be different. If you have read any of the other pages of this site you are probably aware of the fact that I recommend the no contact rule a lot. I have found in cases where exes have cheated the no contact rule can be extremely effective in two ways. Hey, your ex cheated on you and if you aren’t upset about that then there is something clearly wrong with you.

In my experience, an ex girlfriend who cheats is more likely to want to beg for your forgiveness.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. So I figured out that my ex-girlfriend has cheated on me while on a trip to Nicaragua for a program. I recently found out my girlfriend of almost 4 years has been talking to this guy during a rocky part of our relationship.
Hey Go, First of all a UTI cannot be transmitted from one partner to another so she didn’t get a Urinary Tract Infection from cheating.
My ultimate goals are to get back with her BUT in a way where she has to earn my trust and put effort because she realized she lost me. So my girlfriend of 5 years has been emotionally cheating on me for the past 4 months, even though she is denying it. So my girlfriend and I had been together for a long time and I thought everything was going well.
I would give her time in the form of NC but also give her time so you can determine if you want to enter a relationship with her again. You said that I should be preparing a text, and you asked me if I thought I could forgive her. A couple days later I just kind of realized that I had cheated a hell of a lot more and never even had the balls to tell her, so I decided to try to let it go, forgive her, and try to get her back. Ive been miserable trying to do No Contact and work on myself, but I still want to try and get her back. However, I have an incredible amount of respect for a person who is willing to work though a betrayal like cheating because I know for a fact that I don’t posses that ability.
In fact, I might go as far as to say that you are better than me when it comes to this particular aspect so I am more than willing to help you in your quest to get your ex girlfriend back if it is really what you want. The scariest part about it is that women are more likely to engage in this type of cheating. This insight is going to be valuable because you are going to gain a deeper understanding of her perspective.
Whats worse is that neither person is making an effort after work since you are both so tired. If you don’t think that she is capable of that then I have over a thousand women on Ex Boyfriend Recovery that say otherwise. I mean, you always hear about the men who are serial cheaters but you know what, women can be serial cheaters too.
Every time she texts him, talks to him on the phone or is around him in person you are going to drive yourself crazy with assumptions.
If you ended up cheating on her first then you have to be willing to end all communication with the girl you cheated with so you can remove any doubt from her mind as well. So, instead of having those worries about Bob you are going to be able to focus on repairing your relationship. One of the biggest misconceptions that men have about their cheating ex girlfriends is the fact that they are going to come crawling back to them. Oh, not to mention that they are probably terrified that you won’t ever be able to get past their betrayal and are afraid that you will probably hold it against them for the duration of your relationship. Speaking personally, if an ex girlfriend of mine had cheated on me I would find it incredibly hard to forgive her of this fact.
She may be scared to get back into a relationship with you because she knows you may never forgive her for her infidelity. Some men can get so angry at an ex girlfriend cheating on them that they may cheat on them out of spite just to get back at them. Yes, your ex girlfriend was the one who messed up but if you also show her that you are aware that you take some of the blame for pushing her to a point where she actually had to cheat she may be receptive and open her mind to coming back to you. If you were to take a 21-45 day period where you just cut your ex out of your life for a while and focus on yourself you can work on moving past her betrayal.
So, if she starts begging for your forgiveness and you don’t give it to her (right now) due to the no contact rule she is going to feel bad about what she did but she will also begin to put you on a pedestal. She told me two days after she came back from her trip in which she seemed very remorseful.
You should just disappear for 30-45 days and not answer her texts if she happens to text you.
So I came home, found your site, saw how valuable your Free information on this site already is, and with no question I bought your book.
The reason she denies it is because she thinks that as long as it is not physically cheating, there is nothing wrong.
She apologize and said that she was feeling emotional back then and she admitted she said the wrong stuffs.

I have been with my girlfriend since high school and we’ve been together over 10 years.
I recently went on a trip and it totally changed me and I wanted to come back and settle down with her, but while I was gone she suffered a death in the family. Do you realize that everything on that list is what a girlfriend is supposed to think about her boyfriend. For example, they will cheat for emotional reasons (which I will cover below) but it’s not just that, they will become attached to the affair. Lets pretend for a moment that we can jump into a time machine and go back to the first day that you met her. I mean, even if you were the one to cheat on her first she shouldn’t have gone out and fought fire with fire. Remember, even with Bob out of the picture it is till going to take some time for you to be able to trust her again. This makes your ex extremely wary of getting back into a relationship with you for a number of different reasons.
No do not do anything yet, She cheated why would you be the one to leave it on a positive note. Because she thought I was going to leave she started emotionally cheating on me with a work colleague and they both talked about getting together when I eventually left her. She said she has a problem because she tries to break up with guys and they wont let her, so she does something drastic like cheat to end it. Her heart and her brain both agreed that it was ok to go outside her relationship with you. The only thing that is missing between your girlfriend and her relationship with Bob is the physical aspect but I guarantee you this. History is usually a predictor of future behavior and if you are dating someone who has cheated on all of her partners (and cheated on you) then I think its a pretty safe bet to assume that she has a problem.
She said that she hate that i make her choose, because she didn’t see any problem with this guy, and she said our problem goes way back before this guy.
After a day or two I decided I could forgive her because I knew how messed up I had been in the past. She has broken up with me several times in those 5 years and we’ve gotten back together every time. At that time I thought I would be a better boyfriend, but we went back into our usual ways. Women on the other hand, are much more likely to carry on the affair and grow attached to the person they cheat with.
Like I really want to get back together with her but when I asked her if she could stop talking to the guy, she didn’t agree to it because the guy could help her with college essays and stuff.
Then I had to go to her house to get something and I saw that the guy she had cheated on me with was still there. We are in high school in a little over a year long relationship with a 3 year friendship in the background.
Then later that day, after talking to friends, I came to the realization that I had to let her go or else I was going to be hurting for too long. I am so desprerate for her back and i am willing to do literally anything for that secind chance. So we finally talked in person a couple days later and she said that she didnt want to get back together. He sent her loads of explicit photos over snapchat telling her what he wanted to do to her and she admits she did get turned on by him doing so to the point she sent photos back. A lot of pain could have been avoided if we broke up prior to her leaving, but she made a big show of how we were going to work it out to all our friends and then this happens.
She showed me a text in which her and the guy she cheated on me with are only friends and nothing more.
But I do still love her and want her back but she said she doesn’t and one of the reasons is because she has some feelings for Mike, but she did say that she wants to remain good friends and will miss spending so much time with me. I want to win her back and I want to meet with her this upcoming week, but it has only been a week since it happened. A couple of days ago I found out that she might still be talking to the guy she cheated on me with. I have tried to tell her that I just want the whole truth so I can work it out in my head and move on hopefully with her but I don’t know how to get her to be totally transparent about it all.

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