How to get your ex girlfriend back, how to ask him to be my boyfriend over text - How to DIY

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The truth is you do not lose feelings for someone, especially if they were a big part of your life for quite some time.
Think about it, if they liked you before then they are going to be that much more attracted to you once you get into shape. It does not matter if you broke up with your ex girlfriend one week or one year ago, we’ll help guide you on ways you can win her back.
Girls like to feel like they are cared about, and it is a good feeling when they hear your voice to just check up on them.

Have her favorite type mailed to her at work or her home to show how serious you are about getting back. What you need to do is realize that it is going to take a great deal of work on your part to reclaim your relationship. You can get your ex girlfriend back by posting pictures of you having fun with your new body, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to have other girls in the pictures too.
Do not give up and get your ex girlfriend back with persistence, show her you are serious about her and that you care and she should come around.

Just make sure that if you are given the opportunity to date her again that you do everything in your power to keep her. Learn from your previous mistakes and live a happy life with her for the rest of your days.

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