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Well, after you do a little investigative research and put two and two together, you discover that your boyfriend has been talking to his ex-girlfriend on your dime for the past two years.
Whitney, 29 years on the planet: “To be honest, I would cut it off and he would probably have to get some new tires and windows along with new clothes after I bleached them. Jessica, 26 years on the planet: “I definitely would not continue to pay the bill and I would cut off everything else too. Jacqueline, 30 plus years on the planet: “I would do nothing, because that’s his past and I cannot erase his past.
If your man is your baby’s daddy and you have to stay in communication with him, I would reduce his bill to the bare minimum, just so you can reach him regarding the kids when you need to. If the ex girlfriend is his baby’s mama and he has to keep in communication regarding his children, then I would not reduce the bill. If you and he are both without children with other folks, and you are paying his cell phone bill because he can’t afford it, I recommend that you cut his phone to the bare minimum. If he doesn’t agree with your suggestions because he wants to speak to his ex that badly then they, not you, need to figure out a way to pay his cell phone bill.

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Prosecutor Kim Whittlestone said Miss Jackson ended the relationship with Carruthers in January but he refused to accept her decision.
In your efforts to see how you can reduce the cost of the cell phone bill, you notice this reoccurring number. Her bill would no longer get paid and, in fact, the relationship would be over because the trust had been broken. We interviewed couples who have been together no less than 20 years and no more than 60 years and we promise that the information we provide will not only inform and amaze you but it will have your man crazy about you.
And, if they are just the best of friends and he’d been open and honest with me, and they were no longer having sex, then I would still pay his bill.
If a woman is insecure, she will stop paying the bill; if they were talking just because they are friends, I do not see anything wrong with that.
And if you’re paying, you should get the benefit: he can look for work and talk to you with a lower plan.

Cheating, in my opinion, is not just having sex with another person without your significant other’s knowledge; it can also be an emotional affair or simply deceiving your significant other.
To get back at her, he threatened to harm her pet dog, then bombarded her with phone calls before smashing a window at her parents’ home.
After his arrest, Carruthers said he had been drunk when he carried out the revenge acts and expressed regret for what he had done, the court heard. And in that case, once again, I would reduce the bill to the bare minimum and require that you be kept informed as to what is going on in his children’s life; after all, they are now are part of your life, too.

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