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Don't go out with someone straight after or say, "Oh I dumped you because I like someone else." That will hurt her.
You can always just cease communications with her in order to imply that you are finished with the relationship.
Breaking up is never, ever, easy, but it's perhaps even harder to simply continue on in a relationship one isn't happy with.
You can probably find bad things about your relationship that you contributed to, if you really wanted.
Tell your close friends, but don't publicize your breakup to acquaintances or people you hardly know.
Don't feel guilty about breaking up with your girlfriend, if you try to prolong the break up it will only make it worse. Wait some time before getting another girlfriend, especially if your former girlfriend often runs into you.
Say to your partner when breaking up "I think it's probably better that we are just friends" but say it nicely and smile. No matter how nice you are, the pain is still the same, and she's going to resent you whether you just say it or are the nicest you can be. If you miss her afterwards then it was your mistake, unless she wants you back you can't have her back. Breaking up with your girlfriend nicely is all about being honest while letting them down softly.
In an effort to be fair, and to not have your ex-girlfriend feel like she is directly responsible for the end of the relationship, be sure to mention the things that you could have changed to make the relationship better.

The upside is that you're being honest with both yourself and her why the relationship didn't work, leaving you both with a better chance of finding lasting love later on. It's probably a good idea to tell your close friends what happened between you and your ex.
Being "petty" can be hard to define, but it usually includes doing things that you wouldn't want your girlfriend to do with you if she were hypothetically breaking up with you. If something is simmering between you and another girl, have the decency to wait a bit, really think about your feelings, and break up with your current girlfriend before you do anything with the other girl. Don't run out the door as soon as you've said the words "let's break up." Stay with her while she's processing the information, answering any follow-up questions she may have. If it's appropriate, let her know why you think that she'll make an excellent girlfriend for someone else sometime down the road.
Unless you've decided that it's absolutely the best to not talk after the breakup, give her the option of discussing things when the situation is a little more calm. She probably won't get as upset (obviously she will be) as "I hate you, we're breaking up". After a few days go by, it might be tempting to see how she is doing to ease your guilt, and also see how she is coping with the break up.
He likes reviewing recent changes, improving or "boosting" new articles, doing “wikiGnome” tasks where he helps out behind the scenes, and taking “wiki walks.” The first article he started, which earned a Rising Star, was How to Organize an iPod Touch, and his favorite article he’s worked on has been How to Become a Psychiatrist. If your girlfriend is cheating, abusing drugs, manipulative, or increasingly disrespecting you, you can lay the blame directly on her actions.
It's probably not such a great idea to start telling your entire social circle via Facebook, or every girl in your school, that you and your ex are history.

If you can't come up with a legitimate reason for why you're no longer interested in the relationship, try thinking it over; talk with a friend.
She’s proud of teaching herself how to design wikiHow Talk pages and now puts those skills to use regularly, helping out other users. On top of that, it could encourage your ex to sling some nasty rumors your way, and generally cause some immature behavior. If you don't feel like being nice to your girlfriend, you owe it to her to give her the opportunity to find someone who can. Give yourself enough time, and try to do it when she doesn't have anything else significant going on afterward. Your relationship is your own, and breaking up isn't about comparing your relationship to anyone else's. This way, she won't feel as horrible; it could do something good for her confidence, which will probably be shaken by the breakup. I just don't think it will be healthy for either of us to stay friends immediately after we break up. If you see her with someone else keep your cool, because you broke up with her, and its time for both of you to move on.

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