How do i send text message to several people, can i win my ex wife back - How to DIY

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An all-in-one SMS server package: A laptop, GSM mobile phone and SMS server for RM 45,000Trend MicroA GSM modem sends and receives text messages, with slots for several SIM cards at once. Enabling group messaging is a simple task; but first, let's make sure you understand exactly what group messaging is. If you have group messaging set to ON, but your recipient does not, then that recipient will not see the group list.
If both you and the recipient have group messaging enabled, then all recipients are displayed. All messages are included in a single thread and the senders' names will be displayed above each message.

Using the compose option, you can text a new message or use one from the templates available. The app currently seems to have a problem with iOS 5 and so you must disable the MMS function in your device to send group texts. Well, email is an option, but it’s hard to make sure that everyone sees the message immediately. I would have been happy to see an option that allows me to share messages on social media sites.
To learn exactly what group messaging entails and how to enable it, follow along after the break!

Group SMS keeps count of the number of characters in a text and this feature is of great use to me as I use a limited text plan.

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