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We covered this in the past showing how to get free sms text messages on the iPhone but it’s certainly not just limited to the iPhone.
Another option is called GizmoSMS, accessible through this website, which is pretty straightforward and worked like a charm for every number that I tried it with. The other service I use for sending SMS messages from my computer is Google Voice and Google Hangouts.
If you have an Android phone, then you have another option available to your for sending text messages from your computer. When you send a message from the web interface, it gets sent back down to your phone and then app will send out the message like a normal text message. All of these services are for the United States only, meaning you can only send text messages to US cell phones. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to send free SMS text messages from your PC to cell phones, hopefully this article helped.
Registering for a Textfree Web account is free, and it includes a e-mail address. In my tests, messages sent from Textfree Web arrived almost instantly, the replies came just as quickly.
If there's one downside, it's that you can't import contacts, so you'll have to enter phone numbers manually--at least the first time.
When using any of these methods, keep in mind the SMS messages may be free for you to send, but they are not necessarily free text messages for the other person to receive!
Basically just send an instant message to a new screen name, but enter a phone number instead in the format +18885551212, send your instant message as usual but AIM will deliver the message through SMS and then you can talk as if it’s a normal instant message! When the person responds to the text, it’s just like any other GTalk conversation within Gmail.
Finally, don’t forget that though sending the messages is free for YOU, it may cost the recipient something, so be mindful of messaging charges! Luckily, there are some legitimate ways to send a text message from your computer without having to use shady websites who might sell your data and spam you. The big caveat to this method is that you can normally only send text message via their website to other people using the same carrier.
You can send an email to this special email address and that phone number will receive a text message.
Google Voice will let you send text messages directly from the Google Voice service once you sign up for a number, but you can also integrate Google Voice into Google Hangouts so that you can send SMS messages where you use Google Hangouts, i.e.

Click on that and it will open a new windows to the left and the text box says Send an SMS message. Of course, you can only SEND for free, the person who receives them will be charged for incoming text messages depending on their plan.
For one thing, it's expensive (unless you have an unlimited messaging plan, which itself can be expensive). Textfree Web keeps a (brief) log of recently sent and received messages, so it's easy to resume a conversation with people you've texted in the last 72 hours. It lets you keep your phone in your pocket and text to your heart's content, all at no charge. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
The downside to this method is that there is no way to specify where the message came from, so this is best for a last resort really. You can send text messages to any phone number as long as it’s a phone number in the US or Canada. You then log into the MightyText website on your computer and it will sync all the text messages from your phone. Plus, it forces you to type on your phone's tiny keyboard--not always the fastest or most convenient method. Using a large, attractive interface, you can compose a message to any mobile number and view the replies. Search for a contact by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon next to your name in the chat section and make sure the number is a US phone number. The cool thing about this service, which is an advantage over the other two, is that you don’t have to know the provider at all, it figures it out for you! While the extra $30 a month data plan won’t keep me out of college, the additional $20 unlimited texting plan just might. One of the major problems with every other SMS app is that the other party cannot initiate conversions. For instance, when I text Steve Jobs and ask him if he wants to go get a slice of Pizza, he is able to text me back. Pinger uses a service that sends a text message from your iDevice to your friend’s phone using a bizarre number. However, this number can then be saved as a contact in your friend’s phone, thus enabling them to text that specific number and initiate a conversation.

By selecting that number, the text automatically goes straight to the Textfree Unlimited app instead of your regular Messages app.
You can set a tone for each specific person that you contact, which makes it simple to remember who is texting you before you even look at their name. You can choose from a large selection of alerts such as a cat’s meow, cow’s moo, and even farts (whoopee). Though the default theme is drab, you can brighten up the conversation screen through the many themes that are available. A conversation is never deleted and you can always view old messages from prior conversations. Possibly one of the coolest features about Textfree Unlimited is the pop-up notifications that appear when somebody texts you, which makes the app even more authentic and identical to the Messages app.
Textfree Unlimited also allows you to text in both landscape and portrait modes.Textfree Unlimited unfortunately has a few minor quirks. For starters, sometimes text doesn’t appear right away in the conversation screen after receiving it even after it appeared in a pop-up notification.
Other times, it won’t notify you when a message is received, which can be rather annoying when your friends are telling you to meet up with them on the way to school in the morning. Another minor gripe is that you’re unable to listen to your music while texting.Overall, Textfree Unlimited, by Pinger, is the best SMS solution I have tried.
As long as someone texts you to your number (the number that they received when you texted them from Textfree), you will still receive a message and it should popup as a notification. Only once in a while a message won’t always get sent the first time you try to send it, but Textfree will tell you. I have someone texting me pretending to be someone else and it’s really unnerving to have someone do this.
About 90% websites are promising free unlited international sms but they are not really providing this type of facility. I know it won’t cost me anything but it would be great to know if it costs him to txt me on TextFree.

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