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HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. This is ideal for quickly sending a link or file to your phone before you leave your PC and pick up your phone. You’re sitting at your PC and you receive a text message, so you pick up your phone, unlock it, read the message on the small screen, and type one back using the touchscreen keyboard. This means you can install an app on your phone and then use your browser to send and receive text messages. Just install the app on your phone, launch it, type your phone’s address in your browser, accept the connection, and click the Messages icon on the AirDroid page. Google Voice also allows you to send and receive text messages via your browser from the Google Voice website. You could also try using a messaging service that replaces text messages, allowing you to send messages for free — some such services offer desktop apps, too. For example, you can have PushBullet stay running in the background when you close all Chrome windows. It’s a two-way system designed for sending messages, links, files, locations, and other data between your phone and your PC. This will allow MightyText to be able to access and sync your text messages that are on your phone.

Likewise, on your computer, click the MightyText icon to see your text messages in your web browser.You can now send text messages with your browser or tablet!Here is how the app looks on your tablet. After linking the app with your phone’s Google account, you can log into MightyText from any browser using the same Google account. Text messages will be sent via MightyText to the MightyText app on your phone, where they’re sent out of the network as standard text messages.
You can then access AirDroid in a browser if you’re on the same local network as your phone.
You’ll be able to view and send text messages via your browser from the comfort of your keyboard.
You can also install the Google Voice Chrome extension to send and receive text messages from your browser’s toolbar. Sending text messages with Google Voice is also completely free, while you may be charged by your carrier to send text messages if you use the above services — this depends on what your carrier charges you for text messages. The problem I have with it is that I'm used to the stock HTC messaging app and don't want to switch to their (IMO ugly) app. You can use any Google account — you just have to sign into PushBullet with the same Google account in on each device. Click the PushBullet icon on your browser’s toolbar or visit the PushBullet website to send data back and forth.

When you see an SMS notification from PushBullet, you can continue the conversation from MightyText in your web browser instead of pecking or swiping at your phone’s touch keyboard.
Besides, as was mentioned in the article, PushBullet can do a lot more than just send notifications to your PC, those could explain the other permissions. Previously sent messages are to the left with your phone's current battery percentage shown at the top.
There’s also a Chrome extension that alerts you to new text messages as they come in. MightyText will also capture incoming text messages, forwarding them to the MightyText web app. AirDroid provides a variety of ways to interact with your device — downloading and uploading files from your browser, managing your installed apps, and even sending and receiving text messages. Google Voice can function a your main phone number, allowing you to forward incoming calls and texts to other numbers. Apple’s iPhone has an official Google Voice app you can use, while Windows Phone users will have to look for third-party Google Voice apps.

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