How can i get him to love me back, all i want is a girlfriend - How to DIY

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Simply click here to return to Relationship Advice - Ask Laura Love (aka LauraLuvv) a question. But if he is staying with or you are meeting him a lot of times, keep it like that, don't think about the other girl, don't be jealous, stay okay, don't ask him anything about her. Related QuestionsI am madly in love with a guy, but he doesn't treat me all that well.

We were already late, because actually we was supposed to be there in 2 hours from now on, but now we had 5 hours to get there.
I kissed him soft and was about to pulled away, but Justin hold my head so i couldn't really get out of the kiss. After i was hitting Melissa we needed to pay back for the damage and i had been in prison for one week now.

Even if i was 17, people said young people couldn't know anything about love, but i knew everything about it.

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