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Then when we begin to dig deep, he says we just do not work together and we should face reality and get a divorce. It brought all the pain back and to be honest it hurt more now than it did when I found out. Thanks for your column – it, along with others – has been tremendously helpful to me!
I hate to read but the contents of that book and praying and crying out to God for strength to forgive and trust again after my husbands emotional affair with a coworker a yr and s half ago, saved my marriage.

At times things take me back and I feel like I am right back In that time in my life and it hits you right In the core of your being. I am GRATEFUL for a husband that has been more than willing to take responsibility and do all in his power to be open and honest with me to build back trust. I find my self getting angry at times and wondering why me, but I do t want to play the victim card.
I am also glad in looking back how I am seeing that I am trusting more than I did and so that shows me that if things continue on the same path that I can reach total trust again.

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