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Most girls can identify with the feeling that they would feel better about themselves if they had attention from a guy (68 percent of the girls we interviewed for the book agreed with that statement).
But the feeling that you must have a boyfriend or at least attention from a guy isn’t the whole problem. Feeling like you need a boyfriend is in many ways the same as feeling like you need to be thin, need to get straight A’s, or need to be popular in order to be happy. It’s okay to crave the kind of romantic relationship that can move toward marriage someday. If you wrestle with feeling like you need a boyfriend in order to be happy, ask God to satisfy the longings of your heart. Feeling like you need a boyfriend now will evolve into feeling like you need a husband a few years down the road. This is a mysterious truth, but it also blows out of the water the idea that the role of a husband is to make us happy. You may not buy into the lie that sexual purity until marriage is impossible, but you might have sunk your teeth into a version of the same lie. Waiting for the right guy might feel unrealistic in your own strength, but that’s when God really flexes His muscles. Once you dig up these root lies and replace them with God’s truth, you will find that the feeling that you need a boyfriend will loosen its grip on your heart. Source: ShutterstockI Like My FreedomAs a single girl, I have the freedom to go on dates with whoever I please.

In fact, think of those feelings like the part of a plant that is visible above the surface.
In fact, anything that you feel like you need to have in order to feel okay about yourself undermines the truth that God is able to satisfy you. But the key is not to delight yourself in that relationship or in every guy who might make a potential mate. Perhaps you think that waiting to date until you are ready for marriage is impossible or that if you don’t take matters into your own hands God may never bring the right guy into your life.
You can’t always trust your feelings, especially if you feel like you need attention from a boy. Through His Word, He has already said that you matter very, very much, regardless of whether or not others see it.
Instead, delight yourself in the Lord, trust Him to provide the right guy at the right time, and trust that He can meet the deepest desires of your heart. Your future marriage has the potential to be a portrait of the greatest relationship that exists. She echoes the message of our culture, which teaches that raging hormones cannot be controlled. I like texting, but I don't need someone constantly asking me what I'm doing or what I'm eating for lunch. While I love sports and Game Of Thrones, sometimes I just want to binge-watch Gilmore Girls.

Having a relationship means having meals together, and I'm not ready to try that new Chinese place just because my BF wants to. Some people are just more independent than others and some are just waiting to find a connection that’s emotionally stable, or to be ready for it themselves. I ended a relationship almost a year ago with my first boyfriend and I absolutely hated it!
I had a sort of non-relationship recently that could have evolved into a real relationship, but it didn’t. It didn’t start out that way, he was nice, but after two months he refused to listen to me when I disliked being touched constantly, texted, eating what he wants me to eat and even sleeping next to him! You have to keep that perspective in life to see things clearly, if you think being single is bad and relationships are good than any time you find yourself alone you’ll be miserable. I was so happy when I got out of that relationship that I vowed not to get into another one until I was completely sure I really liked the person I want to date.

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