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I love my husband very much, but one thing that bugs me is that he is always receiving texts from another woman at church. So set boundaries where you work, and don’t start texting or Facebooking a coworker inappropriately.
I was texting a co-worker (someone I’m often on tour with) recently about a few things, but Keith was right in the car with me, and I was reading it as I texted it.
The problem with texting and Facebook is that while they can easily start a relationship, we see them as far less personal than phone calls, so we’re far more likely to do them.
My husband and I do not usually chat or text with those of the opposite sex (except family) and we do not go out alone for lunch with a member of the opposite sex. You should never be texting or talking to someone of the opposite sex in a way that would make your mate upset. She's asked him to stop and he does, for a while, then goes back to texting her or other women. They want you to be texting her, call her at night, make it Facebook official, mention her on Twitter and take her out as much as you can.

These girls usually love guys for their personalities more than their looks (remember everyone cares about looks even if looks is small percentage of the type of person you want; so keep yourself groomed and clean).
As we've been intentional about spending time together and doing things together our love for each other has grown! Now he reads me the texts or emails and I help formulate answers that keep the relationship friendly but not too friendly! Apparently , my husband and the other kid’s mom became friendly maybe because they see each other twice a week whenever they come to pick up the kids and bring them back to the dorm. To solve this problem what the needy girl needs is close girlfriends she can hang out with and talk to a few days out of the week in order to have a healthy relationship. Anyway, her time she spent at home after quitting her job was spent texting and on Facebook.
When you start flaking, rarely get to see her, or start lagging on texts, that is when girls get paranoid. I don’t think texting, calling, skyping, facebooking, etc, any other women is at all appropriate and definitely not necessary.

So if you have a girlfriend, go get her some flowers or a thoughtful gift just because you care.
Some guys are the very jealous type too, and when a very jealous girl and very jealous boy meet, they are both bound to clash. Maybe but it is a great challenge for you guys to find someone special that you can call your girlfriend or even one day your soul mate. I went to unplug her phone one day to plug mine in and a text conversation from an ex boyfriend popped up. So for guys make sure you and your girl can trust each other and always be honest with one another.
Set boundaries with your significant other with phones and Facebook and stuff like that at night when you have your few hours together.

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