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The last thing you want to do is ruin the friendship or make it awkward between you and her or worse yet, have her hate you and never want to see you again. Acting like you’re scared of showing your feelings is not what women expect from a guy that will become more than her friend. Genuine compliments are great and all and they can stimulate a woman but more often than not – just throwing them in hoping a woman will suddenly see you as more than a friend is NOT when they should be used. This was number two and was obviously meant for young guys and girls but even if this is you Do NOT follow 99% percent of the answer you read.
Women don’t want to experience the awkwardness of kissing a friend for the first time. Lots of guys get stuck being just a friend because they avoided doing these little things in the first place.

Keep in mind some women attack, some hint more, some give you every available single and that’s her way of making the move. Then on to seducing the new love of your life and not just another friend who you told how much you liked her. Escaping The Friends Zone - 25 Questions with ANSWERS about how you get in the friends zone and how to escape it. If you’ve been friends for a long time chances are, even if attraction was there in the beginning, it has diminished to nearly nothing. Again, if she’s not feeling it you will most likely lose her forever and ruin the friendship too. You can also try a more advanced course titled The Seduction Method Both are written and backed up by one of the best guys to show you how to become and Alpha Male – Carlos Xuma.

Intelligent ideas with a simple goal… Turn you into a more attractive man with my Nice Guys Approach to Attraction. From start to finish his methods are consistent and start from an Alpha Male core fearless belief system which is one reason it works well for any guy who wants to enjoy more sex with lots of women.

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