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Step one to getting back with your wife is to seriously and honestly analyze the final few months or even years of your relationship. While every situation will be different, there are certainly some common issues you can point to when it comes to a divorce. Emotional Abandonment - There's not much use staying with someone when they're not even really there. Cheating or Being Unfaithful - This is number one on the list of things that will destroy the integrity of any marriage. Constant Fighting & Arguing - Nobody likes the chaos of always arguing and bickering within a long-term relationship.

Bad Sex or Lack of a Sex Life - Men often say they physically need or think about sex more than women. Feeling Overwhelmed by Household Duties - Equal rights aside, a vast majority of the household upkeep and nurturing is done by women.
These are only a few of the bigger reasons your wife may be unhappy in your marriage right now. It's these good times that can save the future of your relationship, and put things back to the way they were before. Fixing a Broken Marriage - Learn very simple things you and your partner can do to salvage an unhappy marriage and ultimately avoid divorce.

How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating - Before attempting to repair any broken relationship you first need to know where you stand. Getting Back Together After a Separation - Just because you're currently separated doesn't mean it's the end of your marriage. Getting Over a Divorce - Moving on Without Your Spouse - Many people feel lost and alone after a divorce, when it doesn't have to be this way.

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