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I think I've made it clear again, again and again that Kanye West should not be the voice of our generation. Though Kanye West hasn’t been publicly vocal or out in the streets protesting like some of his hip-hop cohorts, it seems he is still aware. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
Well, I have your chance to win tickets to see him perform live at the House of Blues in Dallas, Monday, October 20. Give it a rest, leave it.'Everyone knows that Beyonce has an incredible voice and that Beyonce will get on that stage and burn it down.
I want the "good times" back, even though I haven't experienced the era where there were very visible and outspoken black intellectuals that weren't tabloid litter.

His recent interview on The Breakfast Club was filled with foul calls that went from misogynistic to embarrassing. Many of my white peers tell me how incredible he is and how genius he is as a black man to be able to connect various races together through his vision. I look to the many black inventors and scholars who have paved the way for me to have graduated from college and succeed in my personal career. Let's not forget that real movers and shakers like Bayard Rustin, the late, gay, black activist, stepped away from the limelight in order to let the Civil Rights Movement proceed with less distraction. But instead we have recently gotten overpriced shoes, reminders that black beauty is still not the standard compared to his white wife, and that fame and wealth is an aspiration that should inspire us all. An elevation of black scholarship and merit that is not constantly being downplayed by larger-than-life entertainers who are expected to have all the answers.

For every tabloid and post we continue to showcase of celebrities and how they feel about social causes -- that should not be the paramount and voice of the movement. West does of other entertainers, it seems quite coincidental that "Yeezy Season" only makes an appearance when there is a fortune to be made for him.

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