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And when there were problems of course address them and to want to heal your wounds but it helpful to look back when the two of you are thinking and fighting and they worked for your situation. In the same way that you'd be trying to avoid your ex if you were trying to get over him, you're going to want to be around him with your rebound if you're trying to make him jealous.
On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tell your social network (including your ex) where you're going and what you're doing. You've got to get some use out of his phone number now that you're not texting or calling him every day. If your ex is a man, and you know his address, hire a male stripper and send him to your ex's residence (especially when you know he's going to have all his mates around).

Maybe he was careless enough to leave his Facebook account on your computer, or maybe he gave you his password. What is true in most circumstances and strategies on how couples can make your loving spouse be the message that what you have written on the littlest things. Revenge is one of the most basic human emotions, and it should be meted out with care, so don't take it too far. By all means, have fun, but be sure to have a couple new friends you can name-drop when you get home so that your ex can only imagine what happened. But when it comes time to humiliate your ex for all the wrong they did to you, look no further!

Globe- or city-trekking is a great way to remind your ex that you're putting yourself out there, experiencing new vistas, and taking life by the horns!
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