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I agree that it would be preferable to get a clear explanation in a mature fashion, but I won’t let the lack of one impair me.
I think where a lot of women, including myself, get bogged down is somewhere between understanding intellectually what they should be seeking and emotionally what they’ve become accustomed to wanting. In addition to men who do the back and forth dance subconsciously, there are guys who are now reading books and paying for workshops to learn how to do this intentionally. Even today, it hurts to just think about cutting him out of my life, but it really shouldn’t, its hurting me more just waiting here in case he decides to maybe call and if he does, try in every aspect to make him want me. First 2 months were wonderful but my fears got the best of me and I think that contributed to him breaking things off.

I think we buy into it, because we extrapolate advice about not being too aggressive, always letting the guy ask first and following his lead, trying to make a guy’s life easier, etc.
In the back of my head, I knew it wasn’t right to fall for a guy who always made me feel insecure, treated me like crap and make me feel that I need to improve myself in every way in order to win his love. Even when I hear that he has been lying to me, if I confront him, at the end of the day, I end up apologizing for accusing him even if it’s probably true. But in reality, his ruthlessness made me angry but also keep me on my toes and just make me want him more. He still wanted to be friends and keep in touch because we had so much in common but I couldn’t do that because I had strong feelings for him still.

Its hard when you think you messed up something so great and I wish I could do something now but people say move on and I have to believe that even though I learned what I did wrong I can’t go back and change it. I feel that when you hit this age finding someone that you share the same feelings on every level is so rare that having great chemistry is so hard to give up based on a dream that may never happen for him.

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