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The No Contact Rule- Definition, How It Works and When To Use It You are using an outdated browser.
Early July I swore no contact and told him to get lost (he’s been dating a girl half his age at the end of our relationship). A week later he began calling (I’m assuming drunk), a week after that I contacted him to get my pets from him (I was in a process of moving and he offered to sit for them). In the back of my mind I still believed he was seeing her even though she too moved, but continued a ldr with him.

Last week I finally had another emotional break down and told him It’s not normal for exes to be in contact this much and he was stringing me along.
Reply Ellie September 1, 2015after chasing him for a too long time, with a lot of complications, tried to move on , he pulled me back , fell in love again, he never acted like he wanted anything with me until I started avoiding him, and then I was all over him again and I got him for a very short time- he was all over me, we werent bf and gf but he acted like we were, and we had a great time together, I know he did too, and then he decided that he doesnt want me and I started chasing him again and he dumped me so bad and so brutally , you have no idea. Since then hes been jealous of the fact i could be with another guy, admitted that he loves me still but just cant have a relationship, drunk texting me to then pull back again and say we need to move on etc. His schedule made him tired so we didn’t get to talk as much because he was always asleep.

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