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Know that there are plenty of girls and women out there who are open to dating autistic people.
Look for girlfriends at places related to your special interests (such as robotics club or dance classes). If you do something strange, explain to her that you are autistic and sometimes don't pick up on social cues. If she's hanging out with her friends, don't join the conversation unless she beckons you over, the conversation pertains to you, or there is a lull in the conversation. With patience and just a little confidence, you can overcome your shyness and find yourself a girlfriend. Many autistic people fall in love, get married, and have kids—so clearly there are women out there who would be interested in dating you.
If she's especially curious, point her to autistic-written resources from organizations like ASAN and the Autism Women's Network.

However, if she responds badly, don't take it personally—it is her ignorance that is the problem, not your autism, and you deserve better than someone who doesn't respect who you are. Everyone goes through a period of infatuation where they can't get enough of the person they like, and this can be especially true of autistic people. This dating advice is tailored for people on the autism spectrum, but other disabled people and neurotypicals may also find it useful. Autistic people in general are loyal, genuine, focused, kindhearted, educated, and original. She'll reply, and either go deeper into the answer with you, or ask you a question in return. If she has been flirting with you, take her to somewhere semi-private and tell her that you like her as more than a friend. Remember that she needs to spend time with her other friends and solitary activities, so don't crowd her if she's busy or not interested in talking at the moment.

If you treat her like the most wonderful girl in the world, she'll believe it, and she'll love being your girlfriend.
Hygiene makes you look more appealing to potential girlfriends, so be sure to shower regularly and wear deodorant. Let your strengths shine through your actions, and potential girlfriends will naturally be attracted to you.

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