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Welcome to the ultimate guide to using text messages to get back together with your ex girlfriend.
You can spam your ex girlfriend with text messages and leave her thinking that you are a psycho.
You can send a bunch of really hateful messages to your ex girlfriend and hurt your chances of getting her back. While this page is dedicated to text messages it is important to remember that the overall goal you are trying to achieve here is not to just learn how to text your ex girlfriend it’s to actually get her back. While it is not impossible to get your ex girlfriend back through text messages it is highly unlikely. Getting an ex girlfriend back is probably not going to be done strictly through text messages.
Before I can start getting into the tactics that you can use to help move the reconnection process along there are a few things I need to teach you about text messages. In this section I am going to teach you everything that you will need to know about response time when it comes to using text messages. There is a way in which you can do this through the use of a text message to get a quick response and ironically it all has to do with your own response time. You wait for what seems like an eternity (5 minutes) and you constantly check your phone waiting for that text message to hit but it never does. Second – When you do decide to message her again (either later in the day or the next day) she will respond very quickly to your text message. Every single time you get a positive response to a text message you are slowly inching closer to your goal of getting your ex girlfriend back.
The challenge that you are going to face is that you are going to have to decipher if the message you got was a neutral response or just a fake neutral response. Assuming you have followed my instructions (by implementing a no contact rule) the first type of communication you are going to have with your ex girlfriend after the no contact rule is going to be done through a text message. Generally speaking a text message will yield a higher response rate and also a phone call after a no contact rule may seem out of place. Oh, and in case you forgot the main goal of this entire guide is to use text messages so you can advance to a phone call or a date. This leads us back to the first text message you send after the no contact rule has been completed.
When it comes to first text messages your main goal is to get a positive response from your girlfriend. In other words, your text message has to be so intriguing that she can’t not respond to it. Rapport is something that you have to earn and you earn it with a slow ascent of text messages that build trust. Your next text message should be sent about 1-3 days after the first initial text message after no contact. Well, what if I told you that I had discovered a way in which you can transition from a text message to a phone call seamlessly and have a super high success rate. In the meantime she has messaged me to say she is coming to take some of her stuff on Saturday.. This section is going to be dedicated to teaching you exactly what you can do through text messages to maximize your chances of making your girlfriend miss you. The second that you receive a response to a text message from someone like this you probably want to respond to it within seconds.

No, it’s to make your ex girlfriend miss you and that is going to require patience on your part when it comes to text messaging.
Lets say that you send your ex girlfriend a text message and she responds to it 5 minutes later.
The key underlying principle to achieving this roller coaster effect is by having the patience to spread your text messages out, to not be too available for her.
In this section I am going to go over a few of the text messages that you can send to your ex girlfriend if you want to make her miss you. Rather, it is going to take a combination of many text messages to hit all the right emotional buttons. In this section I am going to show you the exact type of text messages you should be sending to your ex to make her miss you. Now, before I get started it is important for me to mention that I am focusing specifically on the type of messages that will make a girlfriend miss you.
This is one of the most challenging messages to pull off because our goal here really isn’t to make her sad. This is a bit of a risky message because it is a little sappy but if you have done a good job of giving her that roller coaster ride of course she is going to want to be there next to you and care for you. So, by the time you actually send this text message make sure you know for a fact that your ex girlfriend is ready to hear it.
We dated for 9 Months and things were pretty great between us, we had our differences and her parents hated me for my past but always were nice around me, but generally speaking, we had an extremely loving relationship that changed the both of us for the better. She broke up with me once a couple months ago because her Ex threatened her and told her children bad stories about me.
After close to a month of NC, she texted me and told me how much she loved me & missed me.
Hey Chris so ive been with this one girl for 11 months before she called things off 9 days before our one year. My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago because a girl that was good friend of mine who is also dating some one kissed me and I told the girl I wasn’t doing that,and I told my girl and she dumped me and I love her more than anything. While knowing what to say to her via text messages is an important part of the process there is a lot more to winning her back then that. However, you start bordering on the pathetic when you send your ex 20 text messages back to back to back. In other words, this is the go to guide for teaching you exactly what to say through text messages to start the overall process out. If you are consistently getting a one word text message response from her THEN you have a right to be worried. The fastest way to get a quick response from a girl is to build up the anticipation through text messages so that she is constantly waiting for your response to her text. In other words, if she is responding quickly with rather long messages it still might not mean she is emotionally engaged in the conversation. Generally, if you are responding emotionally to her messages then she is probably responding emotionally to yours. You send a text message to your ex girlfriend and instead of responding positively she responds in a neutral type of way. It basically means that you send a text message and your ex girlfriend doesn’t respond to it.
Seriously, don’t underestimate the negative impact that a breakup can have on text messaging.

I hadn’t read about your NC rule at the time and I sent her a message telling her I wanted to come home and that I thought she had made a mistake when she left.
Well, if you are responding super quickly to text messages then that is a strong statement that you are missing her back and while that can be a nice feeling for some women, deep down most of them won’t be adding anything to their NVME.
You see, as much as the gurus out there want you to believe that there is a magic text message that you can send to suddenly open your exes heart the truth is, is that it is going to take a lot more than one text.
Lets say that you send this text message to your ex girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. Have 3 months ago separated from wife of 12 years and are trying to move forward, as miss timing as I can get I meet a young lady traveling from overseas almost straight away. She broke up with me almost 3 months ago, but I was so worried about her that I didn’t stop talking with her, after all this time I was still asking about her day or making cute stuffs for her -we even went together in a date-. For example, if you send a text message to your ex girlfriend that is about 25 words and she responds with a 1 word answer that might be a little troubling. However, just figuring out what type of text messages to send is not going to help you understand the entire situation. This text message has to be sent from her and it has to be one where she opens up emotionally or really wants an answer from you about something.
Eventually I get to a point in the conversation where I find a string of text messages that satisfy all of the three characteristics I just talked about. For the past month you have essentially ignored her and then all of a sudden she gets a phone call. Rather, you accomplish it in a matter of weeks or months but trust me when I say if you are patient the strategies outlined on this page can be extremely effective. Any time you receive messages through these mediums you will not be allowed to respond until the time period is completed.
Women are way more emotional than us and I am not talking about them crying or acting crazy during that time of the month. But messaging her best friend asking to stay friends with her wouldn’t make sense because I was not close to her best friend at all. It only lasted six months (she broke up with me in the first week of June, Ill get to that), but people around us always used to say we would go far.
Sure, maybe she was busy when you sent that text and she didn’t have time to write a proper response but imagine if this trend was consistent throughout the history of your conversations as of late. In other words, you need to keep an eye out for a text message that satisfy all three characteristics. First things first, in the event that she completely ignores your text message wait about a week before you try anything else.
I commented on the 21 of this month and you had mentioned that I had limited myself with certain actions I made in regards to the last time my ex and I spoke. She continued with her travels about 2 weeks ago, then my ex broke into emails and sent her a nasty email blaming her for our separation and almost every thing else, after many tears and several phone calls she now wants to separate as she feels there is to much going against us. I sent a text a few minutes later telling her that Id could make the relationship better and that I lived her ect.

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