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Surely there are many things that you like about your ex, which is why you have continued to communicate with him under the guise of friendship. We grew up together in our relationship (from 19 to 25 y-o), and at first I wanted to keep the brotherhood aspect of our relation to feel safer and not alone in this big bold world (and yes I might have been secretely expecting him to come around even if I kept saying that I need to focus on me).
What To Do If Your Ex Boyfriend Just Wants To Be Friends- And How To Get Him Back You are using an outdated browser. Close-up on me, outside of my now ex-boyfriend’s apartment, arms around his neck, promising that we’d still be friends. Me again, three years later, watery-eyed outside of work, texting my next ex-boyfriend, telling him that of course we could make a friendship work.
Me still, driving to meet my third ex-boyfriend to give him back his spare keys, determined to regain our friendship. Never did I mind that I broke up with all three of them, because I offered them the gift of my friendship, which is, of course, invaluable.
There was the time he decided to pursue my best friend and roommate in spite of my protests at potentially having to listen to them have sex.
There were some weeks to go before I could move out of our shared apartment and into my new “70s porn apartment,” complete with shag carpet and spotlights over my bed, so it was either friendship or seemingly infinite awkwardness.
For those of you who have not seen Mad Men, there are some sexual undertones, and occasional overtones, setting the mood for a foray beyond friends into benefits. I was addicted to and manipulated by someone who knew me well enough to reel me in when he wanted, and how to hurt me the most when he didn’t. He has a girlfriend now, but he’s constantly telling me he wants to be with me and the only reason he’s with her is because we’re not together.

A friend doesn’t “constantly” tell you that he wants to be in a relationship with you even when you’re both single, and especially not when he’s in a relationship. We both cried during the break-up, and I forced my friendship on him like a drunk, single girl hard pressed for a New Years midnight kiss. When word got back to me that the first and only time they tried to get busy, he got relationship-ending whiskey dick, I thanked God for smiting a girl who chose dicks over chicks, and a guy who told me I was his closest friend – until that got in the way of getting off.
But, like a heroin addict transitioning to methadone, I clung to my stupid addiction to the point of trying to turn an emotionally abusive relationship into an emotionally abusive friendship.
I stalked his neighborhood, trying to find the new apartment he would never take me to because he didn’t want his roommates to know about me – the best part of that one was passing him at an intersection, locking eyes, and pleading with the universe to let a curbside tree topple onto my idiotic head. But we sure were friends, at least when our shared social-group got together, and I clung to that word for my entire 23rd year until my self-respect finally stopped cowering in a corner, and bitch slapped me across the face. Well, although I’m still friends with my ex, he IS a manchild who heavily invests his free time in video games and avoids affection like The Plague.
Any friend who continually dumps drama all over your life is ultimately disposable, First Love Syndrome, or no. Our torrid affair began in February, our love story ended in July, and our attempt at friendship came alive in August, with a vengeance. You’re saying no, but every time you’ve answered the phone or responded to a text after he’s pushed up on you, your actions are saying, “well, maybe.” He keeps approaching you about wanting to be with you because he’s going by what you do, not what you say.
That’s what friends are for, you see: messing with their love lives in pursuit of getting laid, then folding last minute when an easier mark comes along.
So I guess I’m out – of exes, their friendship, and the belief that the two can ever coexist peacefully.

This friendship lasted three years – various awkward patches cropping up in the midst of relative normalcy. 2 years passed, i deleted facebook, dont use whatsapp having no contacts with him, then i gave my facebook to my girlfriend and told her change everything and use it as hers, he contacted her and said that he wants me to contact him (it shows that he deleted my phone number) and i told her to write him that she couldnt, if he writes again she will block him, after 3 months he again wrote that please tell her to contact me. To say the truth, i really like that person, but i dont get him, i desperately loved him, but i understand that to love someone is just the half of the way, the love must be mutual.i want your help why he contacted me.
2 weeks later he messaged me and told me half jokingly that last time he had nightmares that I hadn’t forgiven him yet and wanted to ask me whether I really forgave him.
She said “say you are still his friend but you have to temporarily cut him off to heal your heart and get over him in a romantic way.
Then he doesn’t want to do that because I tell him that I am fine with him having friends that are girls, but would prefer him not hang out with a girl by himself. I find all this out from the crazy FB stalking girls seem to have (the girl posted it to her FB and she added him as a friend). I tell him we can try the friend thing, but I don’t think we are capable of being best friends, and in reality, the friendship will fade over time due to us starting to date others, and living our own lives.
He gets really really upset at this statementSo he wants me to be his best friend but can’t see us together in the near future (if ever).
I know there was love there at least at some point, and he seems to think we’ll just carry on as close friends without the physical relationship.

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