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Through this site I am going to be breaking down the universes biggest mystery, your ex girlfriend and we are going to do that on this page by showing you exactly what to look for if she wants you back.
As you read this page you may find yourself wanting more specific instructions on how to get your ex girlfriend back. In order to please these readers who want a step by step method to get their exes back I have written a book called Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO. It is 30,000 words and a lot of men have already used the strategies found in that book to win their exes back. We have all been faced with that moment where we are talking to a girlfriend trying to figure out where to go out to eat and the woman is indecisive about everything or waiting for you to take charge of the situation. The point I am trying to make here is that if the roles were reversed a guy would have a much easier time saying exactly where he wanted to go out to eat.
But the big takeaway I want you to have from this section is the fact that generally men are very straightforward when they talk. Well, it means much more to them if you do whatever it is that they want without them actually telling you to do it. I am going to be taking you through an in-depth look at all the signs you can expect to encounter if your ex girlfriend is interested in a reconciliation. The only way a girl would look me directly in the eye for this long is if she wanted me to kiss her. Lets say you are trying to determine if your ex girlfriend wants you back by looking for signs. But three signs… well, three signs is a pattern and a pattern means that your ex girlfriend is exhibiting the same behavior over and over again and if that behavior is the signs I cover below then that is very good for you.
In order for you to get my blessing on whether or not your ex wants you back she is going to have to exhibit a minimum of three signs on the list below. Three signs is what is going to take so make sure you know these signs like the back of your hand. If your ex girlfriend exhibits three or more of the signs that I outline here then that means the possibility is high that she wants a reconciliation to occur (three sign rule.) By now I hope you know me well enough to know that I always go above and beyond in my guides. If your ex girlfriend takes to calling you a pet name it could be a sign that she still has feelings for you. Before I really get going on the mindset of your ex girlfriend here I feel compelled to mention that you are going to have to determine if your ex girlfriend is one of those types of women that uses pet names for everyone or just for her boyfriend. Imagine that you and your ex girlfriend have been broken up for two weeks and in that two weeks neither one of you has spoken to each other.
You see, it is your girlfriends best friend’s job to get information on you after a breakup so keep an eye on any type of interaction you may have with her. If your ex girlfriend asks one of her friends to spy on you I would take it as a good sign because it means she is interested in what you are up to.
However, if you start to notice that your ex girlfriend is contacting you first and often that is a very good sign.

If your ex girlfriend notices all of this stuff it is a big deal for HER to take the initiative and contact you first. Of course, I am not going to sit here and tell you that just because your girlfriend initiated a conversation with you first one time that she wants you back. During your interaction in person you begin to notice that your girlfriend is touching you in a very soft way.
Well, if you find that your ex is initiating physical contact in person that means you have touched her on a level emotionally where she wants to be with you and that is perfect for our purposes. If your ex girlfriend is bringing up your current relationship a lot then that means she is testing to see how you react to talking about the subject and that is a good sign because it may potentially means she wants to define the current relationship you have. For example, if you were to text your ex girlfriend and she doesn’t get back to you for a couple of hours one time in a week then that is not that big of a deal. Any time they enter an intimate relationship with a man they always have this primal worry in the back of their minds. If your friend says this to you I want you to ask for details about the entire interaction.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
She told me that she would cancel her plans with Kyle, and go with me that night, and this upset me even more, because I know she had wanted to spend some time with her friend. Later that night, she sent me a text saying that she wanted to talk the next day, but she only texted me the next day to say that she was with her mom, and that she was busy. Also, she could be holding on to your stuff because she knows if she gives it back to you she won’t have a good excuse to see you again. We were together for four and half years, and 3 weeks after I gave him and his brother a trip to vegas for their birthdays, he asked for his ring back. He needs to man up and explain himself (taking the ring back) He needs to propose if you're going to take him back. This is an important concept to understand since it ties directly into figuring out if your ex is exhibiting signs that she wants you back. Once you understand this distinction you will know exactly what to look for from your ex girlfriend. When it comes to relationships we can sometimes have trouble exhibiting the emotions that women are looking for but one thing that we are really good at is telling women exactly what we want. Also, lets be honest here, it is kind of awesome to have a girlfriend like you so much that she says this kind of stuff to you. Well, your ex girlfriend is very curious as to what you are up to but she is too stubborn to find out for herself. Instead, they drop hints to kind of gauge where men are at before they start talking about what they really want.
In that guide I talked about the importance of paying attention to the word count and reply time of your ex girlfriends messages.

However, if you text her and she consistently doesn’t get back to you within the week then that may be an issue. Lets say that you and your ex girlfriend have broken up with one another and the two of you have entered into a no contact period.
In fact, all I am trying to say is that you and your ex girlfriend have probably already gone through the honeymoon phase before. You haven’t quite gotten her back yet but you can tell things are progressing towards that outcome. You begin to notice that your ex girlfriend is acting like she did during the honeymoon phase with you. I ended it with her and proceeded to NC (4 days in so far) to make her realise if she wants to be with me she needs to stop with these games.
Maybe your ex used to text back immediately when you would text her but she might not do that anymore.
They understand that they need to choose someone who is going to stand by them through thick and thin and it all comes back to the fact that they are the ones that have to carry children in their womb. She asked me why did i want to keep meeting up and i said that i liked her and one nite we were out with work and one or two noticed chemistry between us, in fact one girl said that she definately liked me and offered to set me up. She wants to be friends, and she cannot spend a couple of days without having heard back from me. In order to successfully understand why that sign is important you need to grasp what your girlfriend is thinking when she exhibited the sign but not only that, you also need to understand the significance of the sign. The purpose of no contact is it only makes women come back to their ex’s and gives the couple a fresh start. My ex broke up with me about a month ago, not sure the exact date however I think it June 15 of this year and we have been dating for 3 years prior, I sinned and begged for her back but I found out that was wrong after reading your rules about no contact. She is an absolutely beautiful, and amazing person, and I don’t want to completely lose her from my life. My concern is here if I go out on a whim and say let sort this out that she will go back to playing games. She said she was afraid that I would be upset with her spending time with another guy, and I tried to explain that I was upset because she went behind my back to do it. I would also like to know how good you’d think our chances are of getting back together.
Some men want to toy with a woman's heart, her life and then they appear to be baffled why the woman meets them with a hostile response when they are called out and they refuse to step up.
The other day I met her at the canteen and we had a good chat, it wasn’t awkward and she was happy to keep talking but i had to go back to my desk.

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