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Just eight months after winning a $338million Powerball jackpot, Pedro Quezada, 45, is being sued by his former live-in girlfriend for a portion of the fortune.During a press conference last March, Quezada told reporters that he would buy his girlfriend, Ines Sanchez 'whatever she wants' with the money. Clifton resident Pedro Quezada,who won millions in the Powerball lottery, appears in Superior Court on Nov.
But now his lawyer is arguing that Sanchez doesn't deserve any of the winnings because the couple, who lived together for 10 years, was never legally married.Sanchez's attorneys disagree.

Quezada, a New Jersey convenience store owner won the $338 million Powerball lottery in March.
After taxes Quezada received a check for $152million.On Friday Superior Court Chancery Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh decided not to throw out the lawsuit, but she did deny Sanchez's request to freeze Quezada's lottery money until a trial and verdict determines if she is entitled to a portion of the winnings. A judge deniedd Quezada's former girlfriend Ines Sanchez, whom he lived with for 10 years, request to freeze Quezada's assets until her fair share can be determined in court.

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