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When your girlfriend leaves you are left wondering what happened and feeling like it can’t be for real. Frequent “hellos” and “hi’s.” These little greetings can mean that they still want to talk to you, but are too nervous and unsure to take further steps.
If you ever used to daydream about fixing up a car, writing a book, or making your own wine from scratch, now is the best time to try those longer-term projects. By taking the initiative instead of waiting to be invited out, you'll show your friends you still care about them. Aside from giving you more chances to get away from your solitude and be around others, it's also a big ego boost to remind yourself that people like you even in the absence of your ex-girlfriend, and that you can still meet people and make friends without her there. Don't think of happiness as a peak to be attained before calling it a day and heading back down; think of it as a prize to be won and carried with you on the rest of your journey. Think about anything you spend your time on now that your ex would have scorned, laughed at, or not understood.
Be aware that if you text or email messages to your ex about how much agony you're in without her, she may use this as something to laugh at with her friends or be petty about.
Even though these signs don’t mean they want to get back together, there are still something you can do when you see these signs that will increase your chances of getting back together.
If your ex calls you when they are intoxicated, then it’s an obvious sign that they still have feelings for you. Finally I decided enough was enough and that was a slap in the face and we got into a huge argument about it. Since the break up, I have managed to get my confidence back, but I still have feelings for her.
Now that we have split, when I go back to the house to take care of my dogs until I can find them somewhere to stay while I’m couch hoping, she has mean remarks to make and snide comments and is just plain mean to me and tells me she has no respect for me and has nothing to say to me. Anyways about 1-2 weeks pass with no contact from me, we got a lot of Mutual friends together and a meal was coming up this week, My friends messaged her, to which she said it might be awkward but said she would contact me to see if I minded and that she hasnt heard from me for a while.
Does my ex girlfriend still love me is probably the top question running through your mind. Your ex goes out of their way to do nice things for you—sends you birthday gifts, Christmas cards, or invites you to a movie. Your ex talks lovingly or fondly about the days of "you and them together." There is a chance that they still have a candle burning for you.
If you're really beginning to feel good about yourself again, you should feel less and less of a need to contact your ex.

Having gone through a breakup with one type of woman, you probably have a good idea of the things you didn't like about her personality. Once you've gotten to the point that you can go a week without getting upset about your breakup, the time has come to put yourself out on the dating market again, if you feel like it. Take a step back and make sure you're actually happy with yourself in general, and not just with the fact that you've managed to get a new girlfriend. Your ex girlfriend may emotionally drag you to rekindle with her but that's none of your business. Stick to facts if you must contact her, such as "Your stuff is in the box at the front door of my sister's house. Their heart is still in love with you but they are trying to convince themselves that they should stay broken up. However, you should be very careful about what you say to them when they call you or text you drunk.
It will only make them realize the next day that you are still not over them and that they still have you (Read third point of this article to understand why they shouldn’t feel like they still have you). It seems that him and her get along because she remains silent about him entertaining several women. They have a past history together and he was WITH HER while he was with you, really it doesn’t take a genius to see he cares about HER MORE!!!
We were arguing all the time about nothing (she was starting them), and it was a clear decline into breaking up. It was about a month and a half after our break up she started seeing a guy at her work who also just gotten out of a long-term relationship.
My now ex GF and I have known each other and been attracted for about 7 years but we never made a move until about 8 months ago. We can’t even be in the same room without her making smart comments about any and everything. This is both about attracting your ex and making yourself feel good, confident, and worthwhile. If you're still in contact, make it clear to her that you're breaking off contact so you can take the time you need to heal.
Don't try to show her up or rub your new life in her face; she won't care, and you'll look like a jackass. Ending a relationship always stings a little, but short relationships sting less if you've managed to keep a clear head.

During this no contact period if your ex contacts you, then you can be sure that they are thinking about you and they still have feelings for you. However another woman (who he has been involved with in the past before, DURING, and after us) was still in the picture and I didn’t like it. So I think he IS already missing me now that I’m gone, but he still wants the break up because he thinks we fight too much. In fact, since you and your ex were in a meaningful relationship, I am sure that they still like you (or maybe even love you) and they still have strong feelings for you. The reason they say they have these negative emotions you is because they still have feelings for you. Just a simple “You are drunk and I don’t want to talk about it right now” should do the trick. We were friends before the relationship and I can still talk to her, even though I try to avoid it as much as possible. The same day she told me, she told me that she thinks about me and our relationship on a daily basis.
But now I just found out she is already entertaining someone else and doing the FB posts about how great life is, etc. Then congratulations, your ex is probably still in love with you (aside from being a little immature). He also said his feelings haven’t changed even a bit, that he still loves me as much as before.
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I spoke to her about postponing the wedding, and at first I thought she might agree to that. Anyway, we had a lovely evening and did not talk about the past relationship, just friendly banter and a lot of laughter, teasing and some flirting.
I do still really love him and would like us to give it another chance, obviously without the other woman in tow (if he is still with her, I did not ask). I have no idea whether she still loves me or not or whether I have any chance of getting back together.

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