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Its important to remember that this argument doesn’t suggest that all health care is useless. So apparently I have been missing some of the most interesting arguments on Earth.(1) Basically, those made by Nick Bostrom, who I had not heard of a few hours ago. But even if there were no criminal justice work for these newly redundant government employees to do, in the short run the lack of any real contribution to make certainly doesn’t mean that public servants would be laid off. It doesn’t reference either of the key events that have led to a revolt against New Labour.

The new problem is not making sure everyone is plugged in to technology but making sure that the power of the technology itself does not overwhelm us and destroy us. Since it is obviously, possible, indeed likely, that I am missing out on even more interesting arguments. But while his perspective may differ from the typical TV newsman, his gross oversimplification of complex issues, unfortunately, often does not. It does suggest, perhaps, that you can improve public school performance by granting local autonomy to those areas that demand it, and that taking that autonomy away could reduce public school performance.

OTOH, the difference between a president who once joined with Joe Lieberman to essentially declare pre-emptive war on Iran and one who might actually keep us out of every damn conflict that doesn’t concern us that the media picks up and shakes around is a very different story.

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