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I would take a close look at myself, have a good talk with boyfriend and if he was fine with me I would tell everyone to pissoff.
If you really are set that you want to get married, then breaking up with your boyfriend may be the only real option that you have. You may love your man and want to spend the rest of your life with him, but if being married and having a family is more important than you may just need to find a new man that wants to get married and wants the same thing in life as you do. The other option you have is to stay with your guy and either hope that he changes his mind about marriage or you decide that you can live without being married. Some women do decide that they will simply drop their dreams of getting married and stay with their boyfriend and just continue to have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Or maybe you can compromise and wait to see if your boyfriend ever changes his mind and wants to marry you some day or even if you become happy just being a girlfriend for the years to come.
My boyfriend of nearly 4 years asked me to go through his file cabinet to find papers he needed for work. This is tough for me, too – especially because I threw away almost everything before moving in with the BF because I wanted a clean slate. The thing that struck me about this letter is not that the boyfriend keeps mementos (I happen to think it’s unreasonable to ask anyone to throw out old love letters), but that he actively discourages his current girlfriend from keeping mementos. My boyfriend keeps every e-mail he has ever received since he was 18 (at least every e-mail from a real person…obviously he deleted spam or account information he no longer needs). Even though we are now divorced (from a marriage that never should have taken place) that ended bitterly, those photo’s taken through our years together, are very important to me. In the West we never seem to get the relationship courtesy right- it is for us and what we want, yet we are not so concerned with how other people feel.
I suspect that you want me to give you the permission to break up with him to find the spark, but that you wouldn’t want him to break up with you for the same reason.

Chances are it would take you a few years of dating to find him, you’d get your greater chemistry, but you would discover that the new boyfriend lacks some of the qualities that the current guy has – maybe he’s emotionally unavailable, maybe he’s short tempered, maybe he never wants to get married. I think there is a HUGE difference between what you are describing and feeling completely repulsed by your partner to the point of not wanting physical contact with him.
Tell your boyfriend that you are breaking up with him because you want to get married someday. Stick it out with your boyfriend and secretly hope that he will change his mind in the future or that you will get used to the fact you won’t be walking down the aisle. This doesn’t happen all the time but if your man really loves you and does want to be with you for the long term then you giving him his space and letting him know that you are willing to end it because you want that marriage, it can actually change his mind about marrying you. If you break up with him you have to stop calling, stop seeing him and basically stop all contact unless he initiates it because you doesn’t want to lose you.
There are simply some men for whatever reason, they don’t want to ever get married and no woman will ever change that. This may work for you and you may change your mind about getting married and be happy simply being with your man and you don’t need a marriage license anymore. Upon doing so, I noticed two folders behind the one he wanted me to look for that had his ex-girlfriends’ name on them. There they are still, and I like to know that I can check (if I want to) what I was at the time.
Some have same problems over and over again, since they incapable of change, as they just want to forget. Not because I want to have anything more than friendship, or not, with any of them, they were all part of my life, and who I am today, whether good, bad, or ugly. I started seeing him in January of 2010 and it was March 2010 before I got to come see him again.

I suspect that most of our readers would feel the same way – you wouldn’t want your man to leave you because you put on ten pounds, got a little wrinkly, had a baby, gone prematurely grey, etc. It seems as if she allowed the fear or anxiety of taking the risk to move in with her boyfriend, overwhelm her thoughts and maybe her true feelings towards him. After all you want your 4-year boyfriend to throw out his memories right now, because you feel threatened.
He is my best friend, and I want so badly to have that missing piece in our relationship fulfilled. You could toss your boyfriend back in the sea in hopes of finding a man just like him with an amazing spark. Take it from me, I married a guy who had a lot of good qualities and would have made a great husband…. Sex is an obligation and you want to get it over with as fast a possible that’s going to mess of the intimacy of the relationship not just the sexual.
This caused massive stress for me and put me in a situation where I knew she would love the connection that comes from a great sexual chemistry, but it was not something I could provide, and I wanted to give this to her with all my heart. If we all married once and had happy marriages and no issues then these problems would not exist.
When I confronted him about these folders he told me that he wanted a record of his history and that he probably had a folder of his other ex-girlfriend and one for me. To a 17 year marriage that was disfunctional, lonely, filled with pain, lack of respect, and it almost crushed my spirit.

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