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If there is a problem with your backups, the section under the name of your device (often just 'Windows Phone') displays an error message. If you do have an error message under your Apps + Settings backup, you can easily fix it and get another backup started. So take the extra moment to see if your backups are sticking, especially if you are in the Preview for Developers program and have been updating your device numerous times. Uninstall Lock Screen beta, set one of the factory low res lock screens and turn off your start screen background.

Everything from your Start screen layout to the apps themselves and even some settings can all be 'restored' if you ever change devices, or wish to hard-reset and start anew. Next, you should see the name of your device along with a 'last backed up' message telling you how many hours or days ago the last backup took place.
One of my friends managed to get up to 97% and then the process failed, checking the amount of the space used in Onedrive for the backup I noted that there was some information. I had to do all three of these things as well as delete my backup from the cloud to get mine syncing again.

The good news is there is a fast and simple way to get this fixed, and you may want to double check that your OS is backed up.

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