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Of course, most beautiful women have higher standards on average (and less time to develop an interest in, say, your computer game collection), but there’s nothing wrong with standards. It may feel that way sometimes, but beautiful women do not get dressed to go out in public for the sheer pleasure of rejecting men. Check out these 9 unusual places to meet girls, oh and be sure to suggest your own in the comments below. Following this, whisper in her ear how you didn’t want to arouse suspicion that you were trying to chat her up.
Joining a tennis club provides great social and the opportunity to play mixed doubles making it ace for picking up women.

The same goes for running clubs – late night jogging groups are a fun way to meet new girls providing you’re not taking up the rear through lack of endurance. Make sure to choose a class you have an actual interest in rather than just any excuse to meet women! Being a culture vulture has it’s perks – not only are many art galleries and museums free, but they also attract a lot of women who often visit these locations unaccompanied. Being the New Year and all, one of your resolutions along with learning how to pick up women could be to try out new places to meet women. Over the last decade, the number of female supervisors has increased by 59 percent for a total of 30 percent women supervisors.

Ideally you want to meet a girl with similar interests to you, however you’re unlikely to pickup many girls playing rugby. You can learn how to chat up beautiful women by catching them off guard and even arrange instant dates after picking them up in the grocery store!
Bookstores, however everyone is usually just killing time and it is very relaxing and quiet.

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