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So I’d tell the woman in the first email that she insist that her husband cut off contact with the ex-wife. I love my husband very much, but one thing that bugs me is that he is always receiving texts from another woman at church. So set boundaries where you work, and don’t start texting or Facebooking a coworker inappropriately. I was texting a co-worker (someone I’m often on tour with) recently about a few things, but Keith was right in the car with me, and I was reading it as I texted it. The problem with texting and Facebook is that while they can easily start a relationship, we see them as far less personal than phone calls, so we’re far more likely to do them.
Ingmar, in her other messages (seen on another site), she said to him that she didn't want to speak to him unless it was about their child and she assumed that meant they would never speak.

Some women really are on the hunt for a new relationship, and sometimes we do pick up on that.
My girls even find that they’re able to keep close with friends from other cities because of Skype calls. You should never be texting or talking to someone of the opposite sex in a way that would make your mate upset.
But most men are in these work situations all the time, and many women are constantly, too. Even if you mean it absolutely innocently, you don’t know what the other person is thinking. They both decided that they didn’t want to marry each other, and they both chose other people.

And if you keep your marriage fresh, those women are quite unlikely to have any power over him anyway.
To many women are home rasing kids by themselves because Yes you played yourself for falling for bs strangers kick so sweetly.
Clearly, he's playing them all and their anger should be directed to him, not each other. He was telling the Royce chic on Tv that he wanted to put a ring on it and texting the other chic I want to have sex.

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