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Even when the emoticon speaks truth, I submit that not every communication requires a clarification regarding how it makes you feel. With the proliferation of emoticons and the emoji genre, I thought it would be fun (and felt it somewhat necessary) to provide a few guidelines for their use in digital communication. Of all the crimes perpetuated by the emoticon, surely the most grievous is its role in the passive-aggressive insult.

Unlike the cryptic acronyms and mystifying gamer terms that baffle us oldsters, the emoticon does not discriminate on the basis of age. I see a face at the end of a sentence, I start lopping off IQ and attractiveness points for the person who wrote it.My gripe with emoticons has little to do with my fogeyism.
More than a quarter-century into internet culture, we can safely say the emoticon has not eradicated flaming or general online assholery.

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