Backcombing fine hair, how to get your ex wife back when she has moved on - Try Out

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Pull sections of hair from the crown area forward using a large round brush, heating with a blow dryer to mold the hair. Take one-inch sections starting toward the front and backcomb using a rat-tail comb, laying the hair forward onto itself. Continue backcombing, pressing the sections into previously backcombed sections to produce one cushion.

A few weeks ago, like the absolute sucker I am, I raced out and bought one of Goody’s Volume Boost Combs, which is designed to, er, boost the volume of your hair. One way to get volume with a hair comb is to gather the hair on the crown of your head in a ponytail (do not fasten) and slide the comb through it. It takes some practice to get right but it’s easier than backcombing and definitely more hairfriendly.

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