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From Zombos' Closet comes a classy and trashy collection of popular culture artifacts for those who love the terrors and treats of horror in movies, books, and Halloween. Demarais, who is 39, became fascinated with mail-order comic novelities as a kid in small-town Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where he’s lived most of his life. Demarais: I was misled, because my early encounters with comic-book novelties were resoundingly positive.
Demarais: That one is a fitness course, one of many fitness courses offered through comic books.
Demarais: One misconception is that the people selling them in the comic books are the ones that made them.
Collectors Weekly: I wonder if kids today would still be tantalized by these ads, as they have so much stimulation in their lives, thanks to computers.

Some of the military ones, like the ad for Revolutionary Soldiers, were drawn by a famous comic-book artist named Russ Heath.
What you see in the comic books, those are just the distributors, the most popular being Johnson Smith & Co. No one believes me, but I remember an ad in the back of the books that was for a play sex dungeon. Whereas, with a lot of the stuff sold through comic-book mail order, no one in their right mind who can pick it up and inspect it is going to buy it.
Adams Shooting Book, but then I saw your comments about Sea Monkeys and it brought back the lovely memories of working for Larami Toys in the late 1980s. Anytime I saw a comic-book prank like the Joy Buzzer while I was on vacation, I would definitely snatch it up.

To add to the drama, I was teaching an evening computer course at John Brown University when the auction was ending. But also because of that comic strip, which paints the whole fantasy of the formerly skinny guy facing a bully; it makes a lasting impression. Six years ago, artist and historian Kirk Demarais, who runs the brilliant Gen X nostalgia site, Secret Fun Spot, became determined to uncover the truth behind these comic-book ads published between the 1950s and late ’80s.

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