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Physical presence: dress according to your personality, short hair (few look good with long hair).
In short, any man may be attractive to a woman, you don’t necessarily have to be an Adonis. Many will answer it has to do with physical appearance or character, or having to do with their economic status, but really attraction depends on the person who sees him. You’ve already seen many mismatched couples and you wonder who was attracted to who, or vice versa, so I say the physical, intellect and everything else has nothing to do with it, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When a young woman is not looking for anything serious she might like guys who are rebels and a little stronger physically, daring and agile.
While you're probably not walking around, if you have a bad attitude and you treat other people poorly, you are going to have a hard time attracting women.

Be neat, smell clean, humor, talk without ego and show an interest in something about the way the woman walks, talks, etc. These lucky guys with the looks and personality of a hobbit walk around with beautiful women, provided they have enough money. Even if you're nice to women you want to date but a total jerk to everyone else, women will notice.
Don't think that women want you to have an awesome job so that they'll be taken care of; they just want to know that you won't be a dead weight!
Be nice, legitimately nice, and respectful towards everyone and women will be reasonably assured that they can always expect the same.
Just like you might not want to have to support a girl who does nothing, women don't want a guy who sits around all day eating Cheetos.

Try to be independent and show your own personality, rather than copying what the other guys are doing.
Even if it isn't a classically attractive talent like playing an instrument, nurturing your talent and spending time with people who do the same thing will give you the opportunity to meet girls who enjoy the same things you do.

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