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I’m not looking for advice, but I just wanted to say that (as a man) you give solid advice to women.
If you have a boyfriend who only has one night a week for you, I would encourage you to dump him. The thing is she genuinely loves me and I know she will be hurt when she gets the news that this is just too hard for me. The sad part is that she really doesn’t perceive that her life is inaccessible for a man.
What I feel really bad about is that I won’t be single for more than a week or two, but she could be entering another year-long bout of men who never call after the first date. And for any woman who gets her hackles up that another woman is being told to compromise because she can’t “have it all”, let’s just say that nothing would change if the genders were reversed. Doesn’t sound like Austin loves her either given his confidence in getting a new girlfriend in week.

Also, I think both men and women can have sex anytime they want, if they are willing to pay the price which might be monetary or a different form of reciprocation.
I took his last statement as he is ready for a relationship and will find one easily, while she is busy and will continue to not make it a priority. While I understand Austin’s desire to see his girlfriend more, there are a few things that bother me about his point of view.
Top Uploads Reset viewed pages Spread the love 3117 thumbs 242 comments, 15 hours ago Good Boy Waits For Owner 1799 thumbs 157 comments, 22 hours ago good thing we brought an extra cameraman 1716 thumbs 144 comments, 18 hours ago just do it! If you have a boyfriend who only has one night a week for you, I would encourage you to dump him as well, no matter how much you loved him.
One is that he seems to be under the assumption that just because his girlfriend’s life is hectic now, it will always be that way. This is not about being partial as you might be thinking; it is about having the outmost respect for the personality you dealing with in terms of career history and how that celeb has lived her life.

For some, it is their daily bread and will invite such scandals ranging from sex scandals to fighting. I feel the same dynamic with this lady and I don’t want that for me or my eventual kids. In any case, she took my understanding a little for-granted and added the second day before mentioning it to me. Also, not for nothing but if the shoe were on the other foot (as it often is), it would be considered totally fine for him to be busy.

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