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The Male Mind AFTER The No Contact Rule- Ex Boyfriend Recovery You are using an outdated browser. I have talked a lot about the no contact rule on this website yet I have never really written an in-depth guide covering it. The reason that this guide is unique is that the no contact rule is a universal rule that can be used by both men and women.
I find that every expert out there has a different definition for how they define the no contact rule.
All kidding aside, my definition of the no contact rule has actually changed from when I first started my little online project of helping men and women get back with their exes a few years ago. I am the owner and operator of two websites that help men and women get back with their exes, Ex Boyfriend Recovery and Ex Girlfriend Recovery.
I am a firm believer that in order for people to take your advice you have to prove to them that you know a thing or two about what you are talking about so there are my credentials for you as to why you should listen to me on the no contact rule over my peers.
The No Contact Rule- A specific period of time where you ignore your ex in every form imaginable.
Above I pointed out that I have seen the no contact rule used a lot from men and women just like you. Yes, there are some idiots out there that actually think the no contact rule is permanent until your ex talks to you.
Well, my experience with the no contact rule in the past has taught me some very important lessons. For one, a lot of men and women have trouble completing it which makes a massive no contact rule (like a time period of 60 days) hard to complete. Of course, probably the most important thing that I have learned through my experiences with the no contact rule is that no two situations are alike. As a result of my knowledge I have came up with three different time periods for the no contact rule that are effective in most situations. Of course, you can’t mess around with people like this with long no contact rules like the 30 day rule and the 45 day rule.
The 30 day no contact rule is the standard no contact rule that most of the experts out there say to implement. Well, if a woman contacts you only once during the NC rule then the 30 day rule is probably ideal. Out of the three different no contact rules that I am recommending here I would say that without a doubt I recommend the 21 day rule the most. The real flaw with the longer no contact rules like the 30 day rule and the 45 day rule is that when you start them you have no idea how your ex is going to react. The 45 day rule is perfect for people who have done something really bad in their relationships.
For example, if you cheated on your ex multiple times with multiple different people then something tells me that he or she isn’t going to get over that in 21 days or even 30 days. For example, a regular breakup that ended on pretty decent terms isn’t going to require a 45 day rule. Of course, like I explained above with the 30 day rule I like to tell people that the NC rules are interchangeable on the fly. The essence of the no contact rule is going to revolve around your ability to ignore your ex.
Basically if you and your ex can somehow get in contact with one another I want you to stay away from them on it. Lets say that you decide to use the 21 day rule no contact rule on your ex and everything is going good and on day 5 your ex reaches out to you.
A few days ago a man who is trying to get his girlfriend back contacted me with a very interesting question.
As I said above, there are a few circumstances where no matter what you do you are going to be forced to alter your no contact rule.
Below I have compiled a list of all the situations which require you to slightly break the no contact rule and what to do in those situations. Obviously it is going to be impossible to do a full out no contact rule if you work with your ex for a number of reasons but mainly because you have to retain a working relationship with him or her. Lets say that you have decided that you are going to attempt the 21 day rule but you work with your ex. For 21 days you are going to implement the no contact rule meaning you ignore your exes every attempt of communication towards you.
After your 21 days are up then you can begin the same re-attraction plan that everyone else on this site goes through after the no contact rule. Well, in the instances where you are forced to talk with your ex about something stay away from your past relationship at all costs.
Another situation where I see people having to break the no contact rule is when they share a child with their ex. First off, any communication or meetup with your ex to exchange items should be only about the items. A common mistake I see of my visitors and even my clients is the fact that they are lazy when it comes to the no contact rule. If you were a dating a girl you really loved (I am assuming you are man here since this website is tailored more towards males) and she broke up with you, you would probably be very upset. I want you to adopt this type of a mentality when it comes to your time during the no contact rule.
For example, lets say that towards the end of your relationship with your ex you were a bit clingy or you had a bunch of fights over stupid things. You are using the no contact rule to get your ex back which means your ex already knows who you are to a certain extent. The beauty of the no contact rule is that not only does it give you time to work on yourself but it also gives you time away from your ex to have a before and after moment.

One of the most interesting before and after shots that I have ever seen has to do with the famous celebrity David Beckham. Few days ago my girlfriend and I had a heated argument and she decided to break up with me. Then this afternoon I decided to message her telling her that I hope her day was going well and that I missed some of our moments together.
We did text each other for a while, I noticed she responded very fast and with very long texts.
I Bought your relationship recovery pro a few days ago, I have read it twice, and I have also read all the posts on this blog.
She stayed at our place that night, I had to go work the next day, and when I got home she was gone!
I have been in a long distance relationship with my gf for about 1 year(after 1 year of getting to know each other) and she broke up with me on the day before my b’day without clearly saying what went wrong. Well, that mistake ends today as this is going to be the most complete guide ever created on the no contact rule. A lot of my readers make the mistake of believing that completing the no contact rule is all that they need to do in order to win their exes affections back. In fact, I would say that just by completing the no contact rule you are only through half the battle.
You see, when I first started advising people I only knew the bare minimum about the no contact rule and while I was able to help a lot of people with my knowledge I really didn’t know as much as I do now. Through these two sites I have been able to see the no contact rule performed thousands of times. So, as you can see I have literally seen over 40,000 situations involving exes most of which involved the no contact rule. Also, if you use a long no contact time period (like the 60 days one) the risk of your ex moving on to someone else is a lot higher. However, it is really up to YOU to choose which one of these no contact rules are perfect for your situation.
For example, lets say that you start your no contact rule and on day one your ex texts you. Instead just know that for someone like this, someone who is really troubled by your lack of attention to them, the 21 day rule is perfect because it allows enough time to go by for them to miss you and also for you to regain some control of the situation. While you may be able to get away with the 30 day rule you aren’t likely to get away with the 45 day rule with an ex who requires attention on this level. The 30 day period is perfect for women who don’t contact you very much during the no contact period. Of course, my experience has taught me a pretty clever trick when it comes to the 30 day rule. Lets say that you decide that you want to implement the no contact rule for 30 days and your ex goes crazy by contacting you 10 times. If your ex doesn’t contact you at all you can extend your no contact rule from 21 days to 30 or 45 days.
So, if you find that your ex is really getting antsy about you ignoring him or her you might be better off altering the no contact rule to a shorter time frame. That means that if they contact you, you have to ignore them and if you feel the urge to contact them you cannot.
Luckily, 75% of you won’t have to alter your no contact rule but for those of you that will this section is for you.
The question you are wondering at this point is if no contact is even going to be possible for you. In the instances where work forces you to communicate with each other then it is ok to communicate as long as you keep it strictly about the business. A lot of the effectiveness of the no contact rule here is going to depend on how you handle your no contact rule alteration.
Don’t project a negative vibe because people are turned off by someone with a negative vibe. Remember, be friendly and nice but also be kind of short until your no contact time period has completed. Well, during the no contact rule I want you to adjust your mindset to where you won’t be clingy and where you wont take insignificant stuff so personally that you are willing to fight over it.
Now, a lot of people out there are going to tell you that who you are on the inside is what really matters and while I definitely agree with them I think that in order for people to see who you are on the inside you have to first convince them on the outside. Well, after the no contact rule your aim is to shatter their view of you and create a new one.
I replied briefly and we didn’t talk until last night she messaged me with a smile and asked me to be her friend. You said that NC rule is really essential in getting ex back and I totally agree with that.
Do the no contact anyway and make it 30 days because 21 will be to early in this particular situation. Just two days after we broke up, she texted me that she wanted to talk a bit, she was going through our texts and said it was hard for her, but she would understand if I didn’t want to talk.
I need a little advice though, I am currently in the no contact phase, I have decided on the 21 day. As a result of dealing with this many situations I was able to figure out a lot about what works about the no contact rule and what doesn’t work with it but perhaps the most important thing I was able to get was what you can do to shore up the weaknesses of the no contact rule. However, at the same time if you come back to your ex too soon with a super short no contact period then not enough time has passed for them to realistically want to take you back. For example, someone who really needs space or needs to be alone for a long period of time will react better to a 45 day no contact rule versus a 21 day one.
Most of the gurus out there that teach people about the no contact rule are iron clad about their beliefs on it.

The real reason is the fact that most people end up going crazy when you ignore them and the 21 day rule is perfect for dealing with people like that. Well, in this case I think it would be smart to alter your no contact rule down to 21 days. The only time that you would ever be able to contact them is after your no contact period has completed. I’m also doing the NC rule for 21 days and might extent it according to my situation. So ever since she left we have been messaging back and forth so day one and two I was acting pretty desperate for her to come back and I quickly cut that down a few notches but prob.
Of course, then we can look at the other side of the coin when you have a person who can’t go very long without interaction. We dated for 10 months and she broke up with me because I wouldn’t express my feelings if was upset or angry at her and she felt neglected and abused. The last month was filled with fighting, we then moved back to our hometowns (because of college graduation, not the fights) and after a few weeks of long distance we broke up. I dropped her home after and she had left some jewelry in my car, so, I contacted her to tell her. But this 3rd one, she felt that she couldn’t take it anymore and this time not only did she break up with me via texting, she also deleted and blocked me from communicating with her.
I tried talking to her about it and at first she refused to cut it off with him, which I’ll admit made me insecure and was one of the reasons I contacted an old friend (Lesson learned).
She happened to have tickets to a comedy show that night and her friend couldn’t make it, so I went with her. Cause what I’m doing now is just limiting the contact with her to were now she text me or calls first and then I reply to her contact so how can I now implement the NC rule and keep it detailed like everything else on this site Great job btw!!
Anyway she forgave me and we moved on…but because I never really trusted her after the text and finding out she was friends with her ex’s on Facebook, and on top of that throw in my cheating, I was an insecure mess! We remained friends for two weeks and then I found out she was flirting with guys for the attention and I implemented NC the past week.
She recently broke up with me because my work requires me to work late until 11pm so when I come see her it’s usually around 1am. Now don’t forget she is my fiance and we did live together before she moved in with her friend so she knows my schedule and routine. We kept catching up and messaging almost every day, going out for a few dinners here and there and catching up every now and then. Mid December, I stopped seeing her at all really since my dad came back from overseas and I wanted to spend time with him.
I’m actually terrified to try the NC rule with her being she is beautiful and literally gets hit on everywhere she goes. Everytime after no contact (the first time it was a month,the others less) that i inciate contact he responds kind of neutral or other times he doesnt respond until i put some pressure on him. Yesterday after about 3-4 weeks of no contact at all i ended up texting and then went by his place even spending the night into his arms. I am now settled and ready to fully commit to a life long relationship with him, however I have tried everything I can think of to get back together with him but unfortunately he is now in a relationship and states this is preventing himself and I from trying again, which I became rather distraught about and we have not spoken since which was 4 days ago. My concern is that this will remind him of the bad parts in our relationship if I completely stop contact bearing in mind overcoming the resistance you speak about in one of your guides. I learned that He had another girlfriend, exactly the same length of time he had been with her.
I knew about it after a year until I could not bear it anymore and broke up with him a month ago and started NC.
On the 28th day of NC he called but I wasn’t able to answer and texted that he was upset with me.
Within weeks they had broken up, and we kept in contact until going on a date in July and hitting it off.
He has always been flirty, and I have gone through his phone and found texts with girls several times, which led to a lack of trust on both ends because I would go through his phone (which he felt betrayed by) and I couldn’t trust him.
We also had problems on nights out – when we drink we tend to argue and many nights this ended with me crying up the road and my boyfriend feeling embarrassed, but us usually working things out in the morning. One day of no contact and we met up, and he suggested we try to work things out as single people who are exclusive to each other.
We were meant to marry this year and get a visa for me to stay with him in his country, but now I am flying home for good. Then one day, just the day after he told me how happy he was at that moment and that he really loves me and he needs me etc, he cheated on me.
He bought me flowers etc and swore to quit partying and drinking for as long as it takes me to forgive him and he swore to look for a job and do something with himself. He felt like a child because I didn’t trust him and wanted to know where he was and with whom. For loving him, for being with him this long, for wasting time on a guy that would just leave.
And I go out with friends and I took on a new hobby and cut my hair and bought new furniture and got rid of his stuff and didn’t contact him, his friends or his family. Just know that his personality type is one of those that would cheat on any woman he is with so don’t take it to personally. If you want to get back with him you will have to do no contact for 30 days and act like the things he did didn’t phase you.
Reply sosina July 26, 2015Hi me and my boyfriend we have been together for 9 month we were insanley inlove he broke up with me a few days ago because we fight abt every little things and im hurting i feel like im drowning i cnt seem to do anyting ryt I dont now what to do we are in the same camapus so theres no way to avoid him….

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