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This isn’t everything there is to win him back – for everything you need to know, I created a full system called Bait Him Back – but these lessons are a good start based on how women get their man back. If you had a close, loving relationship with a man who later dumped you, you may want to get back together. Or that being in a long distance relationship is nothing but day after day of feeling lonely missing your lover. If you can laugh at yourself and embrace the light-hearted side of things, you’ll be in a less vulnerable position when you two are in contact with each other. Be nice to them and they may want to help you get back together.39) Show him you can be okay either way.
You would love to be back with him, but you’re perfectly capable of getting on without him.
You have no idea how seductive this is to your man.40) Get a new haircut, whiten your teeth, buy a new pair of jeans or something else that would make you feel better about your image. Your friends and family might have great advice, but they are likely to be biased in your favor. If getting him back is going to take serious compromises on your part you don’t feel comfortable with, he is probably not worth getting back together with.44) Be interesting.

Try it now!101 Ways To Get Ex Boyfriend Back48) Handle any and all contact with your ex maturely.
When discussing the fact you want to get back together, state exactly what you want but refrain from going overboard and sounding desperate and needy.50) Don’t display your anger.
Snapping at him in public or using passive aggression to hurt your ex are not the answers.51) Touch him in a subtle yet affectionate way.
If you’ve been a jeans and t-shirt girl for your entire relationship and suddenly you’re traipsing to the supermarket in heels and eye shadow, he’ll see right past it.54) Don’t put your life on pause simply waiting to get back together again before you resume your life.
You’ll regret losing this time whether you get him back or not and chances are, you’ll end up resenting him for it.55) Read books and watch movies that depict characters going through the same thing as you.
Remember, you’re not apologizing for yourself but rather for the mistakes you made to drive him away.57) Be cool with other girls he may date.
As hard as it might be, it will show him you’re mature, confident in your attractiveness, and not threatened. Suddenly, you become a church-goer because you know he went every Sunday or you become a member at his gym despite the other twenty gyms in your neighborhood. These actions scream insecure, desperate, and manipulative.60) Skip logical attempts to get back together.

You’re both left-handed so you both can sit next to each other at Thanksgiving dinner or the only reason you nag him is because he gets water all over the bathroom floor but you discovered it’s actually the toilet leaking.
If you’re going to indulge in some alcoholic beverages, have your friends keep an eye on your phone.
You might be inclined to spray paint his truck, but refrain if you ever want him to talk to you again.63) Revenge can be exerted other ways beside physical damage. If you lose touch for a while, and he hears from his friends that you’re now fired from your job and drinking all the time, he’ll be thanking his lucky stars he left you when he did. Your friends will thank you, and he just might be impressed.67) If he mentions getting back together first, don’t pounce on the suggestion. Don’t fall back into his arms with no questions asked.101 Ways To Get Ex Boyfriend Back (part 3-end)None found.

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