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Zenga TV, a popular Digital TV with user base of more than 22 million has launched an Zenga TV App that is supportive to personal computers and tablets powered by the Windows 8. The latest App features top live channels, bollywood movies, latest news and lot more to its users. With the immersive integration of the App with social media, the latest Zenga TV App will allow users to search for dynamic categories with a optimized search directory listings.
Several other friendly features of the App include support for Rich media, supports pre-roll videos, ad wrapping technology, ad tracking and monitoring the ad networks.
Cricket frenzy has begun with the sixth edition of the ICC World T20 now given a flag off in India.

The Zenga TV App offers various unique features, the users can now view the content that is globally acclaimed in a modern user interface with live titles, content can be accessed with a finger touch on the screen and its touch screen ability gives amazing experience for users while watching their favorite shows. The personalized play list viewing will aid the users in creating a list of their own favorite channels and with the advanced App design, now the users can view videos in HD mode and browse various VOD sections, TV live shows and movies.
We know how badly we all love cricket, and with the T20 this year being hosted in India for the first time, the bar of craziness has just gone beyond extreme.
You can get cricket scores and commentary, match videos and highlights, score notifications and more through this app. It is a free TV streaming app which lets users to watch several live TV channels and consume content.

Many avid twitterites will post about the scores and updates related to the matches for the respective day on the social networking site. You can go to the given link and look out for options to get the match information, as per your choice.

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