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Russian fifth seed Sharapova has been installed as favourite to win her second Wimbledon crown after an impressive march to the last four where she has not dropped a set in five matches.
But Sharapova faces potentially the most challenging opponent left in the women’s tournament in the shape of Lisicki, the 21-year-old who has regularly been clocking serves at around 120 miles per hour. Express at Olympics Haryana’s hit machines Vikas Krishan and Manoj Kumar face tough Uzbekistan boxers in their respective bouts, but will not dilute their aggressive style. RAFA THE KING Of CLAY LOSES AT THE 2016 MADRID OPEN TENNIS - ANDY MURRAY BEATS RAFAEL NADAL 7-5, 6-4 THE FINALS AGAINST NOVAK DJOKOVIC TOMORROW BY CRAIG CIGNARELLIepa05293276 Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal reacts after losing against British Andy Murray during their Mutua Madrid Open semi final match played at Caja Magica tennis complex in Madrid, Spain, on 07 May 2016.
Murray is an atypical Brit with an ornery streak, who employs guile and consistency to break his opponent’s will. Estadio Santana is at capacity today, Spain’s weekend warriors and VIP’s scooping up tickets en masse.
While the models (owner Ion Tiriac has contracted female models to act as ball kids—yes there is a lot of drooling in the crowd but let’s not talk about it), line up to greet the players as they enter, the DJ plays the athletes’ musical accompaniments. The umpire breaks out the iPad and does the coin flip via the big scoreboard and a digitized coin that has both players’ faces on it.
Like the first few miles of a marathon, the first two games are a feeling-out process, with each player bringing his game but also checking the pulse of his opponent.
Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal hits the ball against British Andy Murray during their Mutua Madrid Open semifinals match played at Caja Magica tennis complex in Madrid, Spain, on 07 May 2016. Down 3-1, the Spanish crowd lets their champion know they are with him, but Rafa is pressing now.
Down 4-1, Rafa is going to have to pull something out of his rear end, and before each point it appears he is trying to (no way to avoid throwing that in). Watching people watch the match is face-slappingly funny as the entire crowd resembles bobble-heads.
For those who haven’t competed on clay, the sliding and extended points can crush the quadriceps and the lungs. British tennis player Andy Murray hits the ball against Spaniard Rafael Nadal during their Mutua Madrid Open semifinals match played at Caja Magica tennis complex in Madrid, Spain, on 07 May 2016.
At 2-2, they play five deuces, with Rafa dominating the ground game and Murray displaying William Tell-like marksmanship with his serve to save the break. Now broken, Rafa raises his level, crushing groundstrokes and grunting loud enough to make the stadium’s neighbors wonder. TENNIS MASTER COACH CRAIG CIGNARELLI WRITES FROM THE 2016 MADRID MUTUA OPEN – BREAKS DOWN THE DJOKOVIC VS. Yesterday I discussed Thiem versus Del Potro and some of the intricacies going on in professional tennis. Click here to keep up with the latest draws and schedule from the men's and ladies tennis in Madrid.
British No.1 Johanna Konta will lead the home charge at this year’s Aegon Classic Birmingham.
MONTREAL – Two days after the draw was made, Serena Williams announced she was out of the Rogers Cup.
All original material on this site is the property of Stephanie Myles and may not be lifted, reproduced or re-published - without at least asking nicely. Maria Sharapova will bid to overcome the raw power of German wildcard Sabine Lisicki in a battle of the big-hitters in the women’s singles semi-finals at Wimbledon on Thursday. The 2004 champion was in blistering form in the quarter-finals, where her booming groundstrokes overwhelmed 24th seed Dominika Cibulkova 6-1, 6-1.
Winner of three Grand slam titles, Maria Sharapova shot to super stardom right here at Wimbledon seven years ago when she claimed her maiden Grand Slam title as a 17 year old.

After 57 minutes and on his 6th set point, he comes up with a stunning point to seal it 7-5. Consequently, when Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal crossed Estadio Santana’s perimeter to compete in the Mutua Madrid Open’s semifinal, both men knew they were stepping onto hallowed ground.
It’s worked as he’s currently the #2 player in the world and worth $43 million in prize money. Outside, a frenzy erupted when someone offered to scalp a stadium seat and then disappeared beneath a leaping throng of humanity. Rafa comes in to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean and Murray requested Queen’s We Will Rock You, which may be an effort in foreshadowing. Both players want to relieve the nervous tension of playing against another top player, for massive paychecks, and in front of huge crowds. Murray wants to make Rafa play backhands and Rafa wants to hit forehands at every opportunity. It is the opposite of yesterday, when it was his opponent who misfired more often than a Pyongyang rocket. When Rafa starts the point with a forehand, his odds go way up but hen he starts with a backhand, Murray generally gains control of the point. On other points, the patterns disappear and it doesn’t appear to be a result of Rafa’s pressure.
It is like running sets of stairs over and over again until your legs feel like sponges and you gasp like a beached fish. Up 3-2, Murray presses the attack against Rafa’s backhand again and breaks serve with his own backhand down the line. Nadal has found a way to battle to the brink of contention, but he’s had an injury-plagued career. While tactics certainly played a major role in Murray’s victory, the mental game was also evident.
Ranked 22 in the world, Konta is the highest-ranked British woman in 29 years and has already reached the Australian Open semi-finals this year. She also claimed the WTA championships with a win over Serena Williams in the final again and claimed the WTA player of the year award as a result. Today, he battles a nine-time French Open champion who’s so comfortable on the dirt, there are rumors he’s thrown away the family vacuum. There’s something eerie about the silence of 12,000 people ready to erupt, like a lake with a monster beneath.
During the match, there have been moments when Murray’s first serve has bailed him out of trouble. With two elite players battling for the finals, the concentration level stays high and the points are long grinding affairs.
Then, imagine looking up and knowing Rafa or Murray is on the other side of the net and the rest of your afternoon is going to be more of the same.
He gets it, and with the crowd screaming in unison, “Si se puede!” (Yes, it can be done!) he executes on his second break point.
I’ll be sitting courtside with a pan of paella and a chocolate churro if you are in the neighborhood.
The years that followed witnessed consistent performance from the Russian who claimed two more majors in New York (2006) and Melbourne (2008). With a sculpted torso and a seemingly unrelenting desire to win, Nadal is a tennis Titan on his way back from injuries. Nadal is a defensive mensch, blessed with a Herculean forehand and a Balboaesque will (Rocky).

Whether Nessie will rise today is based on how Rafa returns as Andy launches his first toss skyward.
It seems like short-term memory loss between the planning of the point and the execution thereof. The server executes well and pushes the returner into a defensive position and then finishes the point with an untouchable mid-court forehand.
There’s a cliche which goes something like, “the best way to win a tennis match is by hitting the ball in one more time than your opponent.” While true, tennis players should study the patterns of the professionals.
It is never easy to close out a champion and trying to beat Rafa on clay is like winning an eating contest – painful as hell and it just keeps on coming. In his training for the French Open, Nadal intends to peak in the second week of Roland Garros. Neither player began their careers with an offensive base, but both have added it to the tune of 16 slams (14 for Nadal). When Rafa hits his backhand down the line, Murray’s backhand down the line is better than Nadal’s. The fortitude required to maintain intensity and belief is one reason these players are at the height of the game. Because these guys are so accurate, they can hit serves that force the returner to stretch to their limits and reduce their power. Knowing your best shot and how to set it up is critical whether you want to win against your buddy on Saturday or reach a high level in the sport. Murray misses his first serve and Rafa gets a forehand to take offense on the second serve.
This means, if Murray can get Rafa into a backhand rally, Rafa will have trouble ever getting out of it. Rafa must continue working around his backhand and should be serving to make Murray hit to his forehand. Still, it is almost unexplainable how he misses three forehands and an overhead to lose the match. Rafa, however, is one of the world’s best movers to the inside-out position and will run around his backhand to hit his forehand whenever possible. The groundstroke match-up favors Murray but Nadal has a preternatural way of making his backhand side of the court extremely small.
With 12,000 people laughing at this tiny folly, everything must feel magnified and you sense Murray’s concentration is slightly off.
He outhits Rafa’s forehand with his own backhand and then tattoos a return winner to end the set. Still, Murray is the world’s second best player and he breaks down Rafa’s weaker side with a single-minded assault. Anything more than six inches from the center and I will go on offense.” That was 15 years ago. Today’s players average four inches taller, have longer wingspans, and more advanced fitness knowledge.
That six inch window is probably down to two, and yet they still hit it with stunning regularity.

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