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Also, error pop-up messages, within various sections of the dashboard for certain devices, are resolved, and establishing a remote access connection using a Linksys or Cisco E4200 router will now be possible.
From WD TV support page, we find that both AVI and WMV files are included in all WD TV products supported file types list. From above lists, we can see that AVI files encoded with Xvid is supported by all models of WD TV, as for WMV, WD TV Mnini Media Player does not list playback support for it, WD TV HD Media Player and WD TV Live media player only supports to play WMV files encoded with WMV9. Since we WD TV has the capability to playback AVI files with Divx codec, you can use a third-party conversion program to do that video conversion work.

This package will add support for File History backups when using Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, and streaming of MKV file extensions to Samsung HDTVs. The primary reason i brought wdtv was to play all my avi and wmv files on tv and this does not work.
However, both AVI or WMV files loaded into WD TV media player should meet with the following requirements for different WD TV products. Therefore, it is not strange why people can not import some kinds of AVI or WMV files into WD TV.

You can also select to output other compatible file formats according to your WD TV models.

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