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Watching TV or using streaming services like Netflix or Hulu plus has become a major part of a person’s daily routine and that includes a lot of college students watching shows during their free time. The Walking Dead: The walking dead has to be one of the best shows I have watch so far in my life. American Horror Story: This show was recommended by my best friend when I was a junior in college which was last year.
If you want to watch American Horror Story, you can find it on Netflix, Hulu, and Xfinity On Demand. Game of Thrones: This is another show that was recommended to me by one of my best friends and loved it. If you want to watch Games of Thrones or True Detective, you can find it on Netflix, Hulu, and Xfinity On Demand.

Mrs Moneypenny tackles the financial excesses of families, making them survive a week without spending anything, while Merryn Somerset Webb hits the high street as she continues her quest to expose the spending habits of the public.
Some of the TV shows that are popular right now for college students are The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, and True Detective. It is about two criminal investigators who investigate homicide and are hunting down a serial killer in Louisiana.
It’s about a zombie apocalypse and people who are trying to survive it while encountering obstacles within the group or by the zombies, meeting new people, and a lot of drama. It’s a show that every college student is watching right now because it has a great storyline and it is fun to see how the world would be like if it is attacked by zombie. I recommend college students who have not had the chance to watch this show to go watch it right now especially if you love scary movies.

If you like to watch a lot of shows that have violence and it is about obtaining power than this is a show you should watch. I recommend other college students to go watch this show if you want something new to watch.
Even though, some people find it boring because a zombie apocalypse is done repeatedly over and over again in TV shows and movies, The Walking dead has proven itself to be a unique and exciting show for people to watch. A lot of students at Wheelock college were talking about the new season that was coming about last year, which I never got the chance to watch, but I heard it was great.

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