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Stranger Things is a breath of fresh air in the world of television and a much-needed break from the other modern entertainment we consume. Stranger Things ultimately proves that adolescent first love in the realm of My Girl, Now and Then, and well, all those eighties movies, can still be handled with care and even nostalgia. Stranger Things tells the story of a small, idyllic Indiana town in the 1980’s where nothing bad ever seems to happen.
The three boys are central to the plot, most notably Mike Wheeler – the clear leader of the group.
Not since the ‘80s and ‘90s has young adolescent romance been captured with such depth, innocence, and sincere emotion, proving that this coming of age motif still has some legs in movies and television today. With her supernatural ability, Eleven (or El as Mike decides to call her) saves Mike a few times from the severe bullying he has to face at school further cementing their growing friendship.
Part of that includes fighting the Demogorgon (what the boys nicknamed it) – the supernatural monster threatening the town as well as doing anything to find Will who they believe is in The Upside Down (an alternate version of the regular world).
By the final episode, the government has figured out Mike and his friends have been hiding Eleven and they want her back. With some ‘80s inspired sweeping music, Mike then gathers up his courage and kisses Eleven.
Weakened from using her powers, the boys carry Eleven into a classroom, where they find themselves trapped. El, our Little Mermaid if you will, can dream of the normal life, but instead she must suffer (her powers causing her to bleed) and then sacrifice her own happiness for the ones she loves.
Eleven turns back to face the monster and uses all of her strength and powers until the monster (and her) seem to obliterate into ash. Storyteller and Byronic Hero lover, Amber honed her storytelling skills as a girl by doing Shirley Temple impersonations and putting on plays with her twin sister.
Share book reviews and ratings with Silver Petticoat, and even join a book club on Goodreads.
The Silver Petticoat Review covers both classic and modern entertainment in a fun and fashionable way while also striving to ignite the imagination and inspire the "Romantic" soul. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things and used to believe in the magic of movies and imagination, then this eight-part new series from Netflix is a must see. Both older kids and adults will appreciate the young love story between Eleven and Mike – whether from looking to the past with an air of nostalgia or simply relating to it (depending on your age).
Mike, Eleven, and the boys hide out at the school while the “bad” guys look for them – which brings us to the romantic moment; a sweet scene between Eleven and Mike. El and the boys try to escape but with the monster and the bad guys both after them, they find themselves in serious trouble. The series actually takes place in the 1980’s and is a clear homage to early Steven Spielberg and Stephen King movies. The Duffer Brothers refrain from being condescending and instead embrace the intelligence of pre-teens. Will’s mother, a couple teens, the sheriff, and Will’s three best friends each begin a journey to find a way to save him.
She escaped a government facility that experimented on her since she was born so she doesn’t understand normal human things. He’s convinced his parents will give her a real bed and she can have real, home cooked food instead of “Eggos” (her favorite) and leftovers.
Thankfully, El is able to protect everyone from the bad guys when she uses her powers to kill a bunch of them. Amber is an empathetic and impassioned person with a strong independent will and a lot of creativity. The boys cross paths with a young telekinetic girl named Eleven who helps them, but with the government and a supernatural monster fighting against them all, will they succeed? She has a Humanities and Film degree from BYU, is co-creator of The Silver Petticoat Review and is also a contributing writer for various magazines. Not only that, they were able to find young actors who could actually act and were able to bring out some of the best young performances I’ve seen in years. But, we’ll have to wait till season 2 to see if Eleven and Mike will able to go to a school dance together! On top of magazine writing, Amber is also rewriting her screenplay "Prisoners of Glass," writing a TV pilot and working on a couple of novels.

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