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With mere weeks to go before the official return of The X-Files, let's be blunt: You no longer have time to watch all 201 episodes (not to mention two feature-length films) before the show premieres on Jan. Trying to create an episodic guide to the show's incredibly complicated (and at times contradictory) mythology is a pretty impossible task, so instead, let's focus on some key episodes that represent some themes we know that the new series will incorporate, as well as episodes that showcase the returning writers. The first episode of The X-Files does a nice job of balancing the essential set-up of the show's premise and its characters with a compelling mystery. The second episode of the new season happens to be entitled "Home Again," but that's not why this episode made this list. The set-up is simple: Mulder and Scully investigate a town that seems like a perfect example of small town Americana, except for one very weird family. Over the course of the years, some terrible stuff happened to Mulder during his pursuit of the truth -- but it's arguably Scully who really suffered over the course of the series. This is a pretty dramatic leap forward into the show's run, but an essential one thanks to some advance intel that at least one episode of the new season will deal directly with the fact that, once upon a time, Mulder and Scully had a son and that he is no longer in their lives.

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Not only that, but it almost immediately sets the show's persistently eerie and captivating tone, as well as establishes the crackerjack chemistry between stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.
While "Home" alleged bears no official relationship to "Home Again," it should get you excited for whatever the depraved minds of Morgan and Wong bring to the new series. However truthful this episode may or may not be, "Memoirs" (also written by Morgan and Wong) is a major cornerstone of the government conspiracy narrative that The X-Files was best known for (and will be returning to in 2016). Together, the duo wrote this fourth season installment that was so gross and disturbing, it was banned from the airwaves for years after its initial airing.

By the end of the episode, it's been made clear just how incredibly personal Mulder's quest is for the both of them, a key emotional undercurrent underlying the entire series (including the new season).
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