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Over 850 Live TV Channels, Over 1500 Live Radio Stations, Thousands of TV Shows, Movies, Songs, Music and MP3. Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ free Internet TV and listen 1500+ free online radio stations on your PC. All you have to do is find your love station from our list, click on the station's name, then enjoy it. Watch TV shows on more than 500 mobile phones, Pocket PCs, iPod, PSP, Zune and portable media players. A recently published study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined the associations between watching television and three health outcomes: diabetes, heart disease, and early death. Autumn's research interests focus on health communication and how individuals process or resist persuasive messages. The Upstream blog is managed by students in the Interdisciplinary Health Communication (IHC) program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S.
Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. The average American over the age of 2 spends more than 34 hours a week watching live television, says a new Nielsen report a€” plus another three to six hours watching taped programs. For a country where the phrase a€?I really dona€™t watch that much televisiona€? is so common it could almost be engraved on our dollar bills, thata€™s a lot of screen time.
The survey, taken during the first quarter of 2012, says average weekly viewing time hasna€™t changed much over the last four years.
The biggest changes are that our time watching shows from DVRs has doubled, and more of us a€” 36 million, more or less a€” are watching some video on smartphones. Nielsen also says gaming consoles are becoming a bigger video medium, though the numbers remain small. After that it rises steadily until people over 65 average 48 hours a week, or nearly seven hours a day. That last fact proves that at least someone a€” Nielsen a€” still counts older viewers, even if the broadcast networks would rather not. Older viewers made a€?Harrya€™s Lawa€? the most popular scripted show on NBC last year, but the network still canceled it because it wanted something to draw younger eyeballs. Meanwhile, the average person spends less than five hours a week trolling the Internet on a computer a€” though that number rises to more than seven hours for people 35 to 49. Television, radio, newspapers, billboards … every day, people all over the world are engulfed in messages from these and other media channels.

But mass media evangelism campaigns are harnessing the power of media outlets and redeeming them by giving them a message that matters … the gospel.
Power to Change, a mass media evangelism project, utilizes regular network television broadcasts in spreading the gospel. Mass media campaigns are effective because they saturate large cities with the gospel message. Through these broadcasts and advertisements the gospel is overtly presented or an opportunity is provided to connect people to local believers who will share with them the forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. These media blasts take the gospel where the people are and creates buzz throughout the city. Mobilizing the church to pray, connecting with unbelievers, and following-up with those responding to the message they’ve heard is also a crucial part of these campaigns. Billboards like this one drive people to a website or call center where they can hear a clear gospel presentation and sign up to receive additional information. East-West uses the mass media campaign Power to Change (P2C) to saturate mega-cities with the gospel message. P2C campaigns not only provide East-West with an opportunity to reach millions with the gospel but also provide hands-on training for the network of believers that is already established.
Read more about the Power to Change campaign and how it is transforming the world’s mega-cities.
Cydle, a South Korean company that develops a multitude of in-car accessories, has announced an iPhone accessory that receives over-the-air digital TV signal. Nowadays, most US customers pay for a cable subscription in order to watch TV, but the truth is that service was freely available over the air throughout most of its history.
You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google and Apple. It works with any windows video capture device like satellite, TV and DVB cards, miniDV cameras, video capture cards, web cams including ones with hardware MPEG 2 encoder.
Now you can watch hundreds (300+) of LIVE worldwide TV channels on your PC, free of charge.
When we watch TV, we aren’t moving around and we are more likely to eat unhealthy snacks. She has studied the effects of narratives and framing on psychological and behavioral health outcomes.
However, we reserve the right to delete any comments that threaten, demean, or decrease the civility of discussion.
Using every available media outlet, the Good News is broadcasted through the testimonies of locals—reaching people of every age and walk of life.

This provides believers with the opportunity to join in the religious conversation and share their faith boldly.
Using testimonies of local believers has proven to be the most effective way to produce a response from the residents of these large cities. During 30 days of non-stop communication, P2C exposes millions of people to the gospel through the testimonies of national believers. This training strengthens the existing churches by equipping believers to share their faith … so that God’s Kingdom may multiply! The Cydle i30, as the product is called, aims to bring TV back to its roots, giving you access to content for free, without a subscription, and more importantly, without putting a strain on your phone bill, since it doesn’t require any data downloads. While you can indeed get TV signal without a subscription, you can forget popular cable channels like Comedy Central or Discovery.
Comcast offers a free XFINITY TV App to its customers, which lets you check TV listings and watch on-demand shows and movies right on your phone. They also offer the P29H, an Android-based multimedia player, with a radio receiver and basic music and movie player, as well as a picture viewer. It allows watcher to watch directly into TV without having to experience the annoyances of a Web site (like slow-loading pages and pop-up ads). The JAMA study concluded that for every two hours of TV watched per day an average person’s risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 20%, the risk of heart disease increases 15%, and the risk of an early death increases 13%. Autumn is a recent graduate from the IHC program at UNC and is now an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University. Only basic channels are broadcast over the air, such as NBC, Fox and PBS, local channels and an independent channel or two. This news is especially bad considering most Americans watch more than five hours of TV a day. So reducing TV time might help kids reach a healthier weight or eat less, but they didn’t replace TV time with exercise.
A randomized control trial mentioned in the JAMA study with adults found that cutting TV time in half for three weeks did not affect their BMI or eating habits, but did increase energy expenditures (people moved around more).

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