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Watch Tv Clip Art Page 1 of royalty-free (rf) stock image gallery featuring watching tv clipart illustrations and watching tv cartoons. So when it comes to family time, more and more I find the joys in sitting together and watching a show that we all like. I couldn't get pictues to upload from my phone before now, so here a few of Lexi and what she watches on TV.
She was really into this 1 movie, there was a picture of the cover of the movie and she loved that 1!!! She also recognizes commercials that have dogs in it by the sound, if she hears that "beggin' strips" commercial sound with the dog talking and she is in the kitchen for instance she comes running to see, cause she knows there is a dog on this one! Ruby will take note of dogs and cats on the TV and watch with polite interest as long as they are on screen. I’ve read the studies that say too much TV will give my kids some sort of disorder and that screen time is nothing but bad. They probably watch more than a lot of kids, but there are so many benefits to it, and I’m tired of apologizing for it.
I find myself spending hours and hours in front of the computer watching, listening, writing and creating – and almost no time watching TV. I was was quite fond of Jerry Mander’s book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. Science shows – One of my favourite kid shows of all time used to be Popular Mechanics for Kids (PMK).

Home renovation and design shows – The kids really seem to like the Extreme Home Makeover series, but I must confess that I find it too contrived.
How would I ever have gotten my kids to understand the concept of superheroes without Super Why, or about flying to Mars without Curious George? Call me a lazy mom or a terrible parent, but the fact is my two toddlers keep me on my toes from sun up to sun down and sometimes I just need a moment to breathe. As energetic as my kids are, it’s difficult sometimes to get them to just slow down long enough to give me a kiss as they race past me.
She writes for Scary Mommy, Babble, The Huffington Post and other sites that she can't remember because she's exhausted from being a SAHM to two toddlers. Kids pick up new words and phrases every single day and their interpretations are hilarious. My kids constantly race around the house with pretend capes, yelling “Zoom!” or run up to me explaining that the dinosaurs are coming and we need to hide. I give them some milk, a banana, and turn on the boob tube before sitting down on the floor amidst a sea of Legos to just take a few minutes to rest. Sometimes when I take that aforementioned break, I sit on the couch with them and my daughter says, “Mom? The songs that they sing on Daniel Tiger have worked their way into my daily vernacular and I use them to teach my kids to clean up their toys, to brush their teeth before going to bed, to talk about their feelings.
I think the Mander book still has some intellectual appeal and makes some worthwhile arguments against TV and, by extension, the infinitely more powerful forms of media that have eclipsed it.

In a similar vein, lately we’ve been watching the Wipeout series which is kinda like AFV on steroids. The TV is almost always playing something animated to entertain my children in between their tantrums, mess-making, and all around destruction of my sanity.
I’m not saying I didn’t play a part in teaching her these things, or that I don’t contribute to my children’s learning. The Man in the Yellow Hat’s explanations of scientific concepts have taught me how to dumb down ideas to where my kids can actually understand them. We all really seem to enjoy watching this kind of content and the discussions that often result are priceless. If I had a choice, though, between watching a superhero or muppets and accidentally picking up these integral pieces of information or sitting in front of my mom and doing flashcards, I would much rather learn it via animated entertainment. The compassion and patience of animated TV parents has literally taught me to be more loving and gentle with my kids.

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