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Each class at Kunugigaoka Academy is competing for the highest sales totals in the school festival. After an accident, the E Class winds up doing a whole different kind of studying off campus.
Competition between the elite A Class and downtrodden E Class heats up at the school sports festival, with Isogai's livelihood hanging in the balance. Koro Sensei faces off against the powerful, tentacled Itona and his handler Shiro yet again, revealing more of his teaching philosophy along the way. Kaede comes up with a delicious plan of attack, Class 3-E plays an intense game of Cops and Robbers, and Koro Sensei is accused of a serious crime. While visiting Fred's uncle, the gang investigates a haunted lighthouse, but Velma is consistently upstaged by a similar sleuth. The reality star, who turns 19 on August 10, got an early birthday present from BFF Jordyn Woods on Saturday -- a sweet pup she named Penny! And, yes, it does appear that she's wearing the same bling that sparked engagement rumors (which were shut down) earlier this month. WATCH: Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods Talks Hardest Part About Being Kylie, If She'll Marry Tyga!

In addition to Penny and Ernie, Jenner is also mom to two other dogs, Sophie and Bambi, and a bunny named Bruce. Earlier this month, ET caught up with Woods, who gave us some insight on if Jenner will ever say "I do" to her on-and-off-again rapper beau, Tyga. This will be the fourth time Damon has stepped into the shoes of the titular trained killer, first playing him in 2002 in The Bourne Identity. It was Greengrass who gave the franchise its iconic handheld 'shaky cam' look, which he used to acclaimed effect in the 2007 installment The Bourne Ultimatum, which was the last film Damon appeared in as the eponymous hero. In 2012, the series was quasi-rebooted with Jeremy Renner starring as Aaron Cross, another government-trained super soldier who is also trying to get to the bottom of a conspiracy surrounding his existence.
According to interviews with Damon and Greengrass in the past, the main obstacle that they faced coming up with a sequel to Ultimatum was finding a place to take Bourne's story. Nagisa struggles to come to terms with his talent; meanwhile, his mother has her own plans for him. Karasuma reach the Reaper's hideout, it's anyone's guess who'll come out on top--especially with wild-card Irina in the mix.
Jason Bourne – and not Jeremy Renner's semi-confusing Jason Bourne analog – is coming back as Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are currently making a deal with Universal to reunite for a third time, according to Deadline.

Identity was directed by Doug Liman who handed the series' reigns over to Greengrass in 2004 for The Bourne Supremacy.
The film took place during the same time period as The Bourne Identity, and was considered a "side-quel" instead of a prequel.
The film took in a domestic gross of only $113 million, still short of its substantial $125 million budget.
The first three films in the franchise followed Jason Bourne's quest to discover the truth about his own identity. Universal feels so confident about the new Damon-led installment, they've already given it a July 16, 2016 release date – the date that had been reserved for the Renner-led Bourne spinoff, which is still in development but will likely be taking a backseat. By comparison, Damon's last turn as Bourne took in $227 million off a $110 million budget, with an additional $215 million overseas.
When this was accomplished, it became difficult for the pair to think of new directions to take the plot.

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