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As a New Zealand ex-patriot it’s extremely difficult to find a place to watch the “summer game that I love” while living in America. Just in case you are new to this splendid game (say what, chaps?), here is a run down on the three different types of cricket being played on an international stage. Test Cricket: The first, oldest, and my favorite version of international cricket is called Test Cricket. One-Day Cricket: Created for television in the 1970’s by Australian Media Mogul Kerry Packer, One-Day cricket is thought to be the first Americanization of this very global game. Twenty20 Cricket: The rise of popular culture, televised sports, and quite simply the desire to be as cool as baseball, forced the cricket lawmakers to look at an even faster version of the grand old game. In 2007, the first game of International Twenty20 took place and is now a huge sport in Asia, where cricket is a billion dollar industry. IPL was the first sporting event ever to be shown live globally on a dedicated YouTube channel in 2010. Finally, it is difficult to find anyone who is streaming all five days of the longer version of cricket (Test Cricket) online. It has been more than 2 years when Samsung Galaxy S5 launched and still users of Samsung Galaxy S5 are increasing like anything. If you are a cricket fan and your favorite cricket game is going on but you are away from your television set and want to watch the live cricket than don’t take tension i have solution for that. There are several apps and websites which are available for watching Live Cricket Online on Smartphones. Hotstar app which falls in entertainment category having thousands of TV episodes of different drama series in various languages like Hindi, English, Tamil ,Telgu, etc. You can also use Star Sports Live Cricket Score App for watching all live cricket games online. This app is dedicated to cricket only, you can watch live cricket score ,fixture, scorecard and live streaming of any cricket match on your smartphone directly.
Just open the google play store on your smartphone , tap on the search bar and enter hotstar or starsports app depends which you want .
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Watch Online Cricket is a free website which allows you to watch live cricket on your PC.  This website shows you cricket matches being played currently.
ASIA CUP CRICKET- watch Live Online Asia Cup Cricket, All cricket powers of Asian cricket will face each other in this March. Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka Series watch Live Online Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the two newer powers of cricket will face each other in this March. Watch Bangladesh vs New Zealand Live New Zealand vs Bangladesh Cricket Live links to watch live ODI and Test Matches.

When cable television fails you miserably, you must turn to the Internet to find a way to watch the sports that you love.
It’s played between two countries and one match can take up to 5 days.  Both sides have two innings and best of all the matches often end up in a draw with no team declared the winner. In One-Day cricket there is always a result and until 2007 this was the most exciting form of the game on television.
Twenty20 is a much shorter version of the One-Day game and it’s all done and dusted in under three and half hours. Today, the India Times runs a YouTube Cricket Channel that will be streaming all the IPL games live in 2013.
When it comes to watching sports online it can be tricky to know if it’s free or not.  The good news is that you can watch cricket live on ESPN3 free. The cricket-focused site is a great place to watch live cricket games, in particular, the Twenty20 world championships (the next one is in 2015) and other Twenty20 matches. If you can get past all the pop-up ads, the small screen, and poor image quality then Crictime is probably the best place for you watch cricket live online.
You just need an android smartphone ( Samsung or any other ) with good internet connectivity.
Live sports like cricket, kabaddi, tennis, soccer,etc and many blockbuster movies for free. Starsports is a big brand in the field of sports and almost official broadcaster of all cricket and other sports tournaments. Cricket is one of the most interesting game which most of us enjoy watching on TV, but it’s not always possible to sit in front of a TV to watch live cricket. Moreover, this online service also shows you the current live cricket matches being played. Moreover, this online service shows you few Live video streams for the currently played live cricket. Australia live 2012 being played in the morning, but when I clicked on any of these streams it was showing  me the current live cricket played between Pakistan and England. I am sure that you would enjoy watching cricket on your PC, like you enjoy watching it on your TV. Bangladesh, India, Australia, New Zealand, England, West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Afganistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, other newer powers of cricket will face off in this world cup. It’s a beautiful game of patience and dogged determination played in picturesque white clothes.
Each team has a single inning and each turn at bat lasts approximately three and a half hours. The competition starts on April 3, 2013 and finishes on May 26, 2013.  The IPL tournament schedule is available online.

That means you don’t need a cable subscription to watch live cricket as long as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is on the list of ESPN3 carriers. You can watch live cricket games on this site, but not all of them since the site doesn’t have rights to screen every game, just the major tournaments and occasional series. The great thing about Crictime is it has six servers and the site streams just about every game live.
If I talk about Indian Premier League which is also know as IPL T20 , then Hotstar is the app for watching live cricket online for Free without any hassle.
Now with the growing usage of internet, its possible to watch live cricket on your PC with an internet connection.
For viewing the current match, simply click on the link of current match and select any of the Live Cricket Server between Live Cricket server 1 to Live Cricket Server 4. For watching live cricket online open this website and select any channel from few channels available. If you are new to the sport, you can watch the big bash in the Caribbean Twenty20 league throughout the month of January. This is a great last resort website for the cricket junkie who must see five days of every game. Samsung also launched his next flagship device Galaxy S6 and S6 edge with a extra display on the edge of the smartphone which also doing well around the world. So Today I am going to tell you how to watch Live Cricket on your Android Smartphone or on Samsung Galaxy S5  smartphone. There are several websites which offer online service to watch live cricket on your PC itself.
Select any channel and check whether it is broadcasting the live match which you want to see. Watch live cricket on your PC and make it full screen for an ultimate TV experience of watching live cricket. Although it spread rapidly through the British Empire, when the game began to take off internationally in the mid 1800’s the United States was one country that didn’t really catch cricket fever.
These websites show the live broadcast of a channel on which the live cricket is broadcasted like for example Star Sports, Ten Sports, etc. Make it Full screen on your PC and experience live cricket on your PC as if you are watching it on TV.
India station also makes use of this website for showing live cricket, as whenever you click on any stream you are directed to this website.

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