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It's not quite the same era as when Brigitte Bardot was spotted here with her Brazilian boyfriend, firmly putting the one-time sleepy fishing village on the map.
Modern-day celebrities — from Mick Jagger to Kirsten Stewart — are also drawn to Paraty, four hours west of Rio, but the coastal town hasn't lost its low-key charm. Design lovers shouldn't miss the chance to gawk at one of late architectural genius Oscar Niemeyer's most famed designs. Jet Set is Bravo’s launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. For working women who have a life outside of work—and often have kids as well—you wonder, how do they honestly juggle it all? If you have children and are active in their school and activities let people know exactly what you can commit to. Personal Space is Bravo’s home for all things “relationships,” from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. During Tuesday night's Season 3 finale of Below Deck, we saw that things didn't end too well between Raquel "Rocky" Dakota and many of her fellow crewmembers — especially Eddie Lucas and Kate Chastain. This admission came after Rocky's Below Deck crewmembers told their side of the story on Twitter. Ressa, no its not, Rocky's never been invited to my home n I doubt that she ever will be. Rocky has never been to my home and I doubt that she will be invited now or in the near future.
Kellie, no she lied, she has never been to my home, that would take an invitation and that simply didn't happen. In the article, Rocky also said that she had been doing freelance work for Aleks Taldykin, which the Below Deck Season 1 cast member confirmed on Twitter. A Facebook logo is displayed on the side of a tour bus in New York's financial district July 28, 2015.
During the Victorian era of the mid-to-late 1800s, New York City was rocked by an epidemic of gang violence. One of Gotham’s earliest known criminal outfits, the Forty Thieves operated between the 1820s and 1850s in the Five Points neighborhood of Manhattan. One of the most storied gangs of New York, the Bowery Boys were a band of lower Manhattan toughs who clashed with the Irish Five Points gangs during the 1840s, 50s and 60s. The Bowery Boys often acted more as a political club than a mob, and many of their brawls were with supporters of rival politicians.
This crew of Irish immigrants was one of the most feared gangs to emerge from Five Points, so named for its location at the intersection of five crooked, narrow, downtown streets.
The Dead Rabbits supposedly began as an offshoot of another gang called the Roach Guards, but some historians have suggested the two were actually one and the same. New York’s 19th-century gang activity wasn’t limited to the rough and tumble streets of Manhattan—it also extended into the waters of the East River.
To prove their mettle, prospective members were reportedly required to have already killed at least once before joining the group, and the Daybreak Boys were supposedly responsible for more than 30 murders— it wasn’t unusual for an unlucky watchman to end up with a slit throat or a fractured skull during one of their robberies. Formed from the remnants of several defunct Five Points outfits, the Whyos were one of the most dominant New York street gangs from the 1860s to the 1890s.
They may have masqueraded as upstanding citizens, but the Whyos were still notoriously tough customers. This legendary mob came together in the 1890s, when the Italian gangster Paul Kelly united the remaining members of the Dead Rabbits, Whyos and other Five Points gangs under his own banner. When they weren’t participating in Wild West-style shootouts, the Five Pointers ran widespread robbery, racketeering and prostitution rings.
Led by the Jewish mobster Edward “Monk” Eastman, the Eastman Gang rose to become one of New York’s most feared criminal organizations in the 1890s. A career criminal, Monk Eastman delighted in violence and was known to personally dish out beatings to his enemies.
In response to the gang violence of the 19th century, New York City police formed special units that became known as “Strong-Arm Squads.” These posses of burly cops would enter crime-ridden slums in civilian clothing and “clean the streets” by dishing out indiscriminate beatings to gang members. If you completed your subscription and still have not received an email, please contact us. On Tuesday, the presidential hopeful tossed a fussy little baby from his Virginia rally because the kid was screaming and crying over his speech. It started off well enough, with The Donald hearing, then ignoring the baby, then gushing about babies.
Some parents weighed in on Facebook, commenting that Donald was wrong to throw the tot out—while others loved it, saying babies should stay home in their baby cribs where they can wail and poop and eat to their heart’s content. Mom of three Leigh, from New Jersey, says, “Coming from the man who populated half the babies in NYC he should be used to the crying. Joe, from Brooklyn, says, “I’m a dad of two kids and my question is why would you bring your little baby to an event like that? Kevin, from New York, asks, “Why would you take a baby to a rally?” “Especially any of these rallies they are having these days?
Lorraine, a mom of two from New York, says, “I wish that I could remove the most annoying baby from this world.

The words "iced tea cocktail" used to mean one thing: The notorious, ever-maligned Long Island Iced Tea. The Living Room on the third floor of the Park Hyatt New York serves up a new gin and tonic each season. SideBar's Rhubarb Spiked Tea gets its punch from citron vodka mixed with boozy rhubarb tea liqueur, plus fresh lemon juice and house black pepper honey syrup. It's hard not to order a cocktail named the Biggie and Tupac, but the drink is ingenious even without the name. You can get your tea by the pot at Portland's cozy teahouse, The Hazel Room, but we recommend you order yours loaded. Chef Paras Shah has worked at Spain’s El Bulli and Manhattan's Per Se and Momofuku Noodle Bar, and now he's heading up the modern American menu at Kat & Theo. At Austin's Vox Table, there's no better way to chill out than with the invigorating craft cocktail know as the Connor.
The Feast is Bravo’s home for the biggest, boldest, and most crave-worthy eating experiences.
The RHOC cast member landed in Miami just a few days ago, and it looks like she's been having a blast since touching down in MIA. Buzios (two and a half hours from Rio) retains much of the glamour of its midcentury heyday, however, and is filled with chic restaurants and boutiques.
Set around a beautiful bay and backed by verdant mountains, whitewashed colonial buildings line cobblestoned streets of Paraty, making a delightful place for idle wandering. Resembling a UFO hovering over the bay, the Niemeyer-designed Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum — MAC not only boasts striking modernist design but also gorgeous views of Sugarloaf Mountain. While you ponder that, relive one of Rocky's most dramatic moments from this season in the clip, below. Crime was especially rampant in Manhattan neighborhoods like Five Points, Hell’s Kitchen, the Fourth Ward and the Bowery, where back alleys and tenements became infested with thieves, hustlers and street thugs. This band of Irish thugs, pickpockets and ne’er-do-wells first came together in a grocery store and dive bar owned by a woman named Rosanna Peers. Unlike some of their criminal counterparts, most of the Bowery Boys dressed in elegant clothing and held legitimate employment as printers, mechanics and other apprentice tradesmen. The gang would sometimes even station its members at polling places to intimidate voters into supporting a particular candidate. For more than 60 years, Five Points (near modern-day Chinatown) was one of the city’s most notorious—and dangerous–neighborhoods.
In fact, one popular theory argues that the term “dead rabbit” was simply a pejorative used by the Bowery Boys and the New York press in reference to members of the Roach Guards and other Five Points gangs. The Daybreak Boys were one of the most ruthless crews of “river pirates” who preyed on the city’s booming shipping industry during the late 1840s and 1850s. The gang reportedly fell apart in the late 1850s after a police crackdown, but not before they had claimed thousands of dollars in booty. The group started out as a loose collection of petty thugs, pickpockets and murderers, but by the 1880s they had graduated to more high-class crime like counterfeiting, prostitution and racketeering. One hood by the name of “Dandy” Johnny Dolan supposedly carried a copper eye gouger and wore shoes outfitted with axe blades. From his headquarters in the New Brighton Dance Hall, Kelly marshaled an army of 1,500 thugs in bloody turf wars with his archrivals, a Jewish gang run by the famed hood Monk Eastman. They also dabbled in legitimate front businesses and worked as strong-arm men for the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine. As the kings of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the 1,200 “Eastmans” raked in huge profits running brothels, protection rackets, drug rings and even murder-for-hire operations. This hands-on approach proved to be his undoing in 1904, when he was arrested and jailed for a simple street mugging. The practice continued well into the 20th century, and in 1911 the New York Times Sunday Magazine even published profiles of some of the police department’s most feared officers.
This spring’s iteration of the Park G&T features gin infused with upayatea (a blend of raspberry leaves, organic beetroot, ginger, orange peels and raspberries), demerara simple syrup, lime juice, a few dashes of bitters and a splash of tonic. In this must-try drink, green tea gets spiked with cognac, Jamaican rum and Champagne, and brightened by marinated pineapple, maraschino and fresh orange.
And since the posh hotel is just steps from the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion concert amphitheatre, you never know which A-list musician you might run into. Served at Trick Dog in San Francisco’s Mission District, it's made with tequila reposado, sherry, blanc vermouth, meyer lemon and honey, and mellowed with jasmine-sage tea. Photo courtesy of Trick Dog. The Sweet Lime Stumbles is the cocktail you want; it's a blend of vodka, lime juice, lemon juice, agave syrup and darjeeling iced tea. The Fujian Cure is the cocktail to try here: It combines smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, galangal (Siamese ginger) and 8-year scotch for a smooth sip that goes down easy. Pair his food with vibrant cocktails like the Gonzo Swizzle, made with spicy Old Tom gin infused with long peppers, Pimm's No. In this unusual and deeply refreshing drink, Irish whiskey meets oothu white tea pilsner syrup, lemon juice, hopped grapefruit bitters, and a splash of pilsner beer. Vicki Gunvalson has left California behind and jetted off to Miami for a little summer vacation.

She's been seen hitting the town, hanging out with boyfriend Brooks, and catching up with her family.
Spend your days chilling on the beach and strolling Orla Bardot, the beachfront promenade, then hit the bars and clubs of Rua das Pedras. A number of artists call Paraty home, providing good opportunities to pick up some locally made art and crafts on your visit. These groups trafficked in everything from robbery and prostitution to murder, and their names could strike fear into the hearts of even the most crime-hardened city dwellers.
Under the leadership of Edward Coleman—a notorious rogue who was later hanged for beating his wife to death—what started as a motley group of petty criminals soon blossomed into a feared street gang with its own rules and organizational structure.
But when they weren’t on the job, these young hoodlums haunted the saloons and back alleys of the Bowery and engaged in bloody turf wars with rival gangs like the Dead Rabbits. In return, the gang’s home district would receive money and preferential treatment once the politician was in office. Throughout the 1850s, the Dead Rabbits excelled at robbery, pick-pocketing and brawling—particularly with their sworn enemies, the Bowery Boys. As their name suggests, the Daybreakers— whose leaders went by such colorful monikers as Cow-legged Sam McCarthy and Slobbery Jim —preferred to strike in the hours before dawn.
As their grip on Manhattan tightened, many of the gang even opened legitimate side businesses such as casinos and saloons. Another Whyo called Piker Ryan was once caught with a detailed price list of all the gruesome deeds he could be hired to perform.
The two groups engaged in constant brawls and once even squared off in a massive gun battle under the Second Avenue elevated train line.
The gang’s influence eventually waned in the 1910s, but not before they had helped train the next generation of mob bosses. Like their rivals in the Five Points Gang, Eastman’s boys also teamed with corrupt politicians in voter fraud. With their leader behind bars, the Eastmans splintered into several smaller, less powerful factions in the 1910s.
Bartenders are taking tea in exciting new directions, from a cocktail made with tea-infused gin to a revitalizing drink infused with oothu white tea pilsner syrup.
1, plum gin liqueur, housemade grenadine, grapefruit bitters and Montagne Bleue syrup (a blend of Earl grey teas, cornflower petals, lavender and dried blueberries).
And the Real Housewives of Orange County star is showing off her fit bikini body while hitting the beach. Whether you want to party, chill, or check out some cool architecture, here are our top picks for easy day trips from the Cidade Maravilhosa. From river pirates to knife-wielding adolescents, get the facts on seven of 19th century New York’s most notorious street gangs. Members of the Forty Thieves reportedly had quotas that required them to steal a certain amount of goods each day or face expulsion.
The group was made up mostly of young men, but it wasn’t unheard of for women to join in on the violence. Using small rowboats, these juvenile gangsters would silently row their way alongside anchored shipping vessels. A simple punch to the face was only two bucks, chewing off an ear cost $15 and a murder—which Ryan’s catalogue described as “doing the big job”—went for the princely sum of $100.
Among others, the Five Pointers initiated thugs like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Johnny Torrio into a life of organized crime. In return, the city’s crooked lawmakers turned a blind eye to the gang’s illicit activities.
Monk Eastman later enlisted in the armed forces and forged a legendary reputation fighting in the trenches of World War I. What’s more, the gang even franchised itself in the form of the “Forty Little Thieves,” a collection of juvenile apprentices who served as pickpockets and lookouts. According to legend, one of the most feared Dead Rabbits was “Hell-Cat Maggie,” a woman who reportedly filed her teeth to points and wore brass fingernails into battle.
Sneaking aboard, they would steal as much cargo as they could before returning to their dinghies and escaping to a rendezvous point at a gin mill in the Fourth Ward.
But while he returned to New York a war hero, the former gang boss’s old life ultimately caught up with him, and he was brutally gunned down on a city sidewalk in 1920. While the Rabbits mostly dabbled in petty crime, they were also famous for the events of July 4, 1857, when one of their street fights with the Bowery Boys turned into a bloody riot that killed a dozen people.
Ivanka was hatched on the side of the road by Mar-a-Lago and she was already a grown, working woman.

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