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Tonight, the game comes to an end for either Frank or Bridgette as the house votes to evict one of the two nominated houseguests. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt joins Thomas Roberts to discuss what she learned traveling to battleground states, what she expects from the Republican-controlled Congress and what was her favorite campaign.
Chipotle, Chai Tea and chit-chat marked Hillary Clinton's cross-country road trip ending with a small, round table meeting in Iowa. Austin Wright inherited scores of political artifacts covering the presidencies of George Washington to George W. Rachel Maddow reports on an assessment by the Democratic National Committee of lessons the party should take from recent political losses, with an emphasis on increasing input on redistricting to counter the GOP's gerrymandered advantage. Meet the New Congress Part 4: We asked some of the newest members of Congress to show us their hidden talents.
Meet the New Congress Part 3: In our latest installment, the newest members of Congress tell us how they feel about the day-to-day business of democracy.
Daniel Newhauser, reporter for the National Journal, shares why there’s a faction within the Republican Study Committee that could split off because they believe the group is not conservative enough. The Hartford Police Department recently recovered another fake gun late October.Hartford Dep.
Hillary Clinton challenges Donald Trump before fighting back against her GOP opponents’ accusations and stances on women’s issues.
Olympian Ryan Lochte confirms he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. A Justice Department report detailed evidence of gender bias in the Baltimore Police Department's handling of sexual assault cases.
MSNBC’s Chris Jansing spoke with gold medal swimmers, Katie Ledecky and Maya Dirado, about their wins and how they both are looking forward to the future.

Robert Costa, national political reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Steve Kornacki about the relationship between Reince Priebus and Donald Trump, and by proxy, the RNC and the Trump campaign.
Steve Kornacki looks at the results of some new state polls showing Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by a significant amount as she excels among college educated women, African-American voters, and Latino voters. Jose Diaz Balart shares a clip from an exclusive NBC's Kristen Welker's interview with Secret Service director Julia Pierson. A blistering Justice Department report finds the Baltimore Police Department routinely violated civil rights. Donald Trump unveiled his new economic plan on Monday, saying he would simplify the current tax code.
Donald Trump’s campaign is still facing a challenge when trying to win over African American voters. NBC’s Luke Russert spoke with Donald Trump’s advisor, Paul Manafort, following a meeting between Trump’s campaign and members of Congress.
As Donald Trump makes a play for Pennsylvania, he is saying that voter fraud is the only way he’ll lose the state.
As a result of Hillary Clinton releasing her tax reform, the pressure is rising for Donald Trump to release his. At the Veto ceremony, Michelle chose not to use the Veto on either nominee guaranteeing that the nominations would stay the same.
Here’s all the information you need to guarantee you don’t miss a minute of Big Brother‘s next eviction episode! Which houseguest do you want to see evicted this week and who will you be rooting for in the HoH competition? Luke Russert talks with New York Times Magazine Contributor Robert Draper about the issues at hand in the growing civil war within the Democratic Party.

Brendan Boyle, D-Penn., talks with Luke Russert about how Democrats can win back white, working-class voters, and how his grassroots strategy helped him overcome financial challenges in a strong Democratic primary. Johnson joins Al Sharpton to discuss the likelihood of breaking through in the presidential race as a third-party candidate.
National security expert Malcolm Nance and Nina Khrushcheva from The New School join to discuss.
Jennifer Granholm and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed join Al Sharpton to discuss the outrage over Donald Trump's rhetoric and if GOP leaders will disavow him.
Manafort comments on Ted Cruz’s pick of Carly Fiorina as his running mate and responds to Trump’s “woman card” comments. Republican Strategist, Joe Watkins, and MSNBC contributor, Robert Traynham, comment on this and the recent election poll numbers. The author of “HRC,” Jonathan Allen, and Caitlin Huey-Burns from RealClearPolitics join MSNBC’s Dara Brown to discuss. Get one with an orange tip on it, something that is painted, something that does not look like a real firearm. In addition, the cartridges that can be bought at some big box stores made it look even more realistic, according to Parizo.Investigators in Willimantic said the fake guns have spread beyond the city.

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