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Experience YouTubeaā€˛? like never before - Watch millions of videos and customized content tailored to your demand including TV episodes, Dramas, Shows, Music, Cartoons, Sports and much more.
JadooPLUS is a multi-platform entertainment service consisting of Live TV and On-Demand content from South Asia. JadooPLUS represents the diversity of genres, tastes, languages, and regional flavors present in the rich cultural heritage of South Asia by licensing premium content from some of the biggest television broadcast companies and movie studios in the region. Play personal content like music, videos, and photos stored on any PC on the Local Area Network (LAN) connection.

Watch Free Indian, Urdu, Hindi, punjab, Tamil, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arabic and Afghan Channels.
Distributed over the Internet, JadooPLUS instantly brings to your television premium entertainment in amazing quality.
New channels are: HUM, Masala TV, Style 360, Urdu 1, Prime TV, Metro One, Film World, Punjab TV, KTN, Shifa TV, Play, Venus TV, CNBC pakistan, Indus Music, Waqt News and many more.
New channels are: Better 10 Movies, TV Colors, Kids TV, Music India, Masti TV, Masti ,GNN News, Disha News, Sandesh News, 10X Jalwa, Pragya, Soham TV, X Press Music, Dhamal Now, Krishna TV and many more.

Watch Live News, Religious, Current & Archived Dramas, Bollywood Movies, and Latest Music Video, Favorite Food Recipes, Cartoons and sports like Cricket. Content on JadooPLUS includes dozens of live television channels covering news and entertainment, hundreds of hit Bollywood and regional movies, and hundreds of On-Demand shows and music videos.

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