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Oz is the heir to the Vessalius House, a noble family and one of The Four Great Duke Houses. He is saved by a 'Chain', named Alice, also known as the Bloodstained Black Rabbit, one of the Abyss' strongest chains.
He makes a contract with her so they can leave the Abyss and go back into the real world, only to find that when they get out, 10 years have passed by and Oz hasn't aged one bit.

He is dragged into a strange place known as the Abyss, which Oz believed was just in stories told by his uncle that 'bad people' were sent to and where dangerous creatures known as Chains exist; by mysterious cloaked figures, under the claim that his sin is his very existence. They then set off to find Alice's lost memories, and along the way, coming across old friends, learning of the tragic past, the mystery behind Alice, and an organization called Pandora that researches the Abyss and a mysterious event that happened 100 years ago that had changed things forever.

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